A Budget Friendly Halloween Mantle, Spooky Forest Effects, and Candy in a Pickle Jar

I’m always dreaming up things that I want to do.Sometimes I don’t have the time.And. . . .Sometimes I don’t have the money.But lately, I’ve been thinking, WHY, WHY, WHY???Surely you jest.For if  thou havest these thoughts for which I am most dubiously inclined, then SISTER, DEAREST Friend, in thy most patient virtue there must be a way for my will to be done.And then I say to myself.”Why are you talking like that.You crazy nut job.But. . .You do have a rather interesting take on the situation.Why Read more […]

10 Things to Make and Do for YOUR YARD this Halloween!!!!

I don’t like it when other people talk sternly to my children. I don’t like it when other people reprimand, scold, or otherwise act as if they are in charge of my children. When another person (that is not myself, my husband, or my mother) raises their voice to any one of my offspring, my chest pops out, grows muscles (in a feminine way) and turns a grotesque shade of green. A guttural growl overtakes my breathing. My eyes become slightly inset, and a darkness hovers. And. . . .. I want Read more […]

How To Make GIANT WITCH Hats for your Front Porch

She sat in her seat wiggling. She shifted from side to side swinging her legs and kicking the seat in front of her. The backs of her legs were sticking to the plastic seat, and the heat from the humid air resulted in tiny drops of dew on the tip of her nose.As the breaks on the bus begin their unpleasant cry, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……” she grabbed her backpack and scurried off the bus, nearly tripping on the steps as she flew down them.Her feet hit the concrete.Her trot, broke out into a full Read more […]

Thanksgiving Appetizer: Easy Oven Baked Chicken Taquitos

[ Don’t Forget to Enter The Green Valley Organics Giveaway Ends 11/8]It’s a happy time.It’s a sad time. Teef are falling out left and right over here.This is Soledad yesterday. With a weird wiggly toof about to fall out.This is Warwick trying to pull out the said tooth.This is Soledad running for the hills because apparently he wasn’t doing it right.Bucky Beaver is now staring into the mirror trying to decipher how she will excavate the goods.And now she’s just lost all train of thought as she admires Read more […]

Sad Clown Make-up, A Halloween Hangover, Easy Pumpkin Soup and GREEN VALLEY ORGANICS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

  [Winner announced below]Ever just wake up and look at your face and wonder.Wonder about your face and every body else’s face, and the things they do to it?Like eyeliner. What about eyeliner?  I love it personally. I think I should wear more of it.And brown skin is nice, lovely in fact, but wonder how it would be to be white.  No, not like Caucasian.  I mean white, like snow. Like cotton. Like this bottle of Green Valley Kefir I’m pouring into my glass, and spilling it onto my desk. (We’ll Read more […]

How To: Gothic Punk Screaming Banshee Costume

A few days ago I really let my 10 year old kid have it. I yelled and I yelled, and I yelled some more. I was so mad. So hurt. So FURIOUS.By the end of my rage, I honestly didn’t know why I was yelling.  And upon asking her if she knew why I was yelling, she didn’t know either.Darn it. Hate it when that happens.Anyway, just a few moments ago I just put Phoebe down for her nap. And she said, “Mama, hug.”And I gave her a tight hug. I got up walked to the door, and she said, “Mama, kiss.” And I ran Read more […]

Frankenstein and His Beloved Bride: A Picture Tutorial

I love Halloween. It’s my chance to find connections with the part of me that scares me the most, but the part that delights me to no end. So if you invite me to a Halloween Party, you ‘bess believe that I’ll be coming. Frankensteins hair, is the “High Top Fade Wig” at Party City. The bolts on the side of his neck can also be found there and most Halloween Dress Shops for only $1.99. They suction to the skin, so we purchased spirit gum to ensure they would stay securely ($2.99) Green paint galore, Read more […]

Halloween Cupcakes: The Toxic Bite!

I’m a horrible, horrible, terrible person.And I’ve misjudged.Well, not misjudged. I really did judge quite right.Maybe I spoke too soon. Too much. Maybe.Maybe not.Well, let’s just say I said a person was something, that they sometimes can be in brief spurts of time, but they aren’t always that way.Probably hardly ever that way. And my subconscious just ran away will the horrible, horrible, terrible thoughts I was having, and before you knew it, I sat down at my computer, type typed typed away and Read more […]

Willow Smith Halloween Costume How-To :Whip Your Hair!

HAIR.4 letters. So much meaning.It’s important. Yes it is.  And it’s caused me a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE in my life.My hair is thick and coarse and wavy and frizzy. But it doesn’t seem the least bit curly. How in the heck can that be? I don’t know. I’ve been asking God that myself for the last 35 years.My girls all have varying amounts of hair, all coarse, all curly.And generally, we straighten it, because it’s easier that way.And every time I put a hair dryer to their hair, or mine I think “WHYYYYYY! Read more […]

My Little Pony Make-Up Step By Step Tutorial

There comes a time in every child’s life, where they have to choose.Choose between good, evil, or someplace neither here nor there.The time has come for my child, and she has chosen the path less taken. Or maybe it’s the path more taken. I don’t know. My feelings are hurt. Anyway. . .She has chosen. . . .the store bought costume.I’m beside myself with worry and guilt?Will it fit? Will it be cheaply made? Have I let her down in the past by not making her costumes to her specifications?I can make a Read more […]