Frankenstein and His Beloved Bride: A Picture Tutorial

I love Halloween. It’s my chance to find connections with the part of me that scares me the most, but the part that delights me to no end. So if you invite me to a Halloween Party, you ‘bess believe that I’ll be coming.

Frankensteins hair, is the “High Top Fade Wig” at Party City. The bolts on the side of his neck can also be found there and most Halloween Dress Shops for only $1.99. They suction to the skin, so we purchased spirit gum to ensure they would stay securely ($2.99) Green paint galore, along with some easy drawing of stitches outlined with a red pencil. He wore a suit with washcloths taped to the shoulders to make him appear even more MAMMOTH. He won best male costume at the party.  I told everyone not to congratulate him, to congratulate me.

The Bride of Frankenstein’s hair is courtesy of an old Afro wig (hair pinned up on the sides) that I found in my attic and I sprayed white on the sides to do the part. My dress is my mother’s old maternity dress (that lady can dress oh. so. fly.) It’s 40 or so years old but still in great shape. Old silver tarnished jewelry adorns my ears and neck and my face is accented with foundation about 2 shades to light. White and Black eyeliner on my eyes, and fairy lashes affixed as well. I didn’t win a prize. And I’m a sore loser, so I didn’t congratulate anybody, except myself when Warwick won.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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