A Budget Friendly Halloween Mantle, Spooky Forest Effects, and Candy in a Pickle Jar

I’m always dreaming up things that I want to do.
Sometimes I don’t have the time.
And. . . .
Sometimes I don’t have the money.

But lately, I’ve been thinking, WHY, WHY, WHY???
Surely you jest.
For if  thou havest these thoughts for which I am most dubiously inclined, then SISTER, DEAREST Friend, in thy most patient virtue there must be a way for my will to be done.

And then I say to myself.
“Why are you talking like that.
You crazy nut job.
But. . .You do have a rather interesting take on the situation.
Why INDEED!?! do you have these ideas, if the cruel fate of the world has left you with not a penny to extrapolate the creativity which you crave?

Nay, I say Nay!!!
Figure it out.
Squander your homestead.
Pry open the deepest darkest recesses of your home and conjure up that of which you have the desire.
For Halloween is not a time for perfection in the purest sense of the word.
For no! You know!
It is about the mind and how it will dream up the spookiest elements from mere thoughts, just whispers.
Know this!
If it is in your head. . .
There is a way. There is a way.

– – – – – – –

Why does my brain speak in medieval village idiot tongue?
I think it has something to do with my Halloween brain being off this year.

Anyway, I was all gung-ho at the end of September with my spooktacular decorating. But lately, I’ve sort of fizzled out.

But within the last few days,
I’ve felt a little fizzle in my fo shizzle. And I think its coming back.

Here are a few things I’ve been scaring up around my house (on a budget) to make the holiday a little more festive for my goblins.

Candy Corn in a pickle jar.
The pickle jar is free.
Candy corn is cheap and apparently my kids favorite candy.
The happiness is infinite.

Dress up the mantle.
That always makes my children chuckle.
Raven, Raven, never more.
You can find them at the dollar store.
And Potion books Galore.
Just use some construction paper, cover a book and Score!

The BOO sign is made from wood and came from TARGET. In the $1 section. They had an assortment of words, and all were only $2.50.

And Oh!
The most devious of my gremlins taught me this trick.
Dollar Store Frame.
Beads or Pebbles Glued on top.
Instragram Photo Collage App on the phone.
Upload Pics.
Print out (at your local shop or at home)
What do you get?
An ugly Halloween Family to rival the Munsters. Hauntingly cheap.

And Lights!
You have to have lights.
To see the way through the treachery ahead. DUH.
Anyway. . .
I dug into my old Halloween boxes in the attic to find these, but they’re at every neighborhood store I’ve seen, for under $5 a string.

And finally.
Grab yourself some shears.
And chop down part of your front yard tree.
Spray Paint it black.
Shove it in some random flower pots.
Throw a few $1 Store Ravens on top.
Spooky Forest Effects.
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