How To: Gothic Punk Screaming Banshee Costume

A few days ago I really let my 10 year old kid have it. I yelled and I yelled, and I yelled some more. I was so mad. So hurt. So FURIOUS.

By the end of my rage, I honestly didn’t know why I was yelling.  And upon asking her if she knew why I was yelling, she didn’t know either.

Darn it. Hate it when that happens.

Anyway, just a few moments ago I just put Phoebe down for her nap. And she said, “Mama, hug.”
And I gave her a tight hug. I got up walked to the door, and she said, “Mama, kiss.” And I ran right to her side and gave her a kiss. I looked into her eyes and I said a prayer, hoping that I’d never have to yell at her the crazy way I do sometimes about nothing in particular. I prayed for her happiness. And I prayed that God might be willing to let me play a part in her happiness. That he’d grant me knowledge and resources to help provide peace and love in her life.

And then a brick hit me right smack in the middle of my face.

That’s why I was so mad at Shelbi. BECAUSE she had denied me the ability to help provide her love, peace and happiness. She had shared information with someone, and not with me. And I want to always be that person she shares and learns from.

And so I screamed at her like a wild banshee.
Because that’s how you get your kid to confide in you.
And not surprisingly, is also how you get them to be something complete ugly and ridiculous for Halloween.

Take a look.
Here’s Shelbi dressed up as her mother. . .or errrrr.. . . .a Wild Gothic Punk Banshee disguised with a human face.

Why isn’t she screaming? I think she’s broken.

Halloween takes a page from real life around here. Seriously.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Guess what Shelbi wants to be for Halloween!
Just like her Mama.
I’m all teary eyed.
She does love me.

And. . .she loves this picture tutorial 🙂

She told me I can’t do the V-thing on her forehead for Halloween. So I smudged it in a little. What will she know? She’ll be drunk on candy.

Glitter for the eyelashes and the cheeks because no matter how ugly you want to be on Halloween, you still want to be pretty.

Hair should be down, and FRIZZY. She ordered. Blue hair extensions attached.

Fish nets. Check. Black boots. Check. (All clothing purchase at our local re-sale shop for pennies)


Nails done did. Purple Crackle nail on top. Silver on bottom.

Stealer of my candy and my heart.

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