Willow Smith Halloween Costume How-To :Whip Your Hair!


4 letters. So much meaning.

It’s important. Yes it is.  And it’s caused me a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE in my life.

My hair is thick and coarse and wavy and frizzy. But it doesn’t seem the least bit curly. How in the heck can that be? I don’t know. I’ve been asking God that myself for the last 35 years.

My girls all have varying amounts of hair, all coarse, all curly.
And generally, we straighten it, because it’s easier that way.

And every time I put a hair dryer to their hair, or mine I think “WHYYYYYY! We should love our hair just as it is. Wear it natural! Love it thick, and Coarse and all WAVY LIKE!!”


But I don’t. Because well, I’m a conformist.
Leave it to one of my children to do it for me.

Bella. . .AKA. . . .Teacher of all that is right and good. . . . has decided to be Willow Smith for Halloween.  Willow Smith, a 10 year old pop star, sings Whip My Hair, an anthem to loving your hair.


So Bella girl, Whip your hair back and forth.
Don’t let haters keep you from your grind.

– – – – – –

This is Willow Smith at the Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards.

So basically, we went with the essence of this picture.

Me:  Now Bella, you won’t look exactly like her. Just similar. OK?

Bella: I know Mommy. Just Hip Hop. I got it.

Me: Are you sure, because I don’t want you to get upset. It’s not like we can go buy this costume like Soledad did.

Bella: I know. I KNOW. Let’s just DO IT.

How To Make a Willow Smith Pop Star Costume
Most of the Clothing we purchase a Goodwill. It’s a great place to look and save money.

What You’ll Need for the Clothes:
Funky Shirt
Mesh Gloves
Puffy Skirt

For Hair and Skin:
Hair Spray
Colored Hair Extension barrette
Light Make-up (remember she’s only 10, blush, lip gloss, eye-shadow & face glitter)
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Face Moisturizing Lotion
And did I say HAIR SPRAY, and Hair pins.

What To Do:

1. Get that pissed look off your face. Try and forget about the laundry on the sofa, and be happy so that you can help the love of your life put her Halloween costume together.

2. Find a really lovely, self assured kid. Pry her away from the softball field. Listen to everything she says because she is wiser than her years.

3.Have her put her Funky Shirt on so you can do her hair. This will allow her to WHIP IT REAL GOOD.

4. Pull the hair up from the nape of her neck and twist. Pin securely with hair pins. Do the same with the hair on the sides of her head.

5. Pull remaining hair that is not pinned to the forefront of her head. Curl slightly with flat iron or curling iron if desired.

6. Clip in colored hair extension. Tease hair and fluff. Spray with stiff hair spray if desired.

7. Apply make up. Light blush to the cheeks. Light eyeshadow on the lower part of the lid. Line with liquid eyeliner.

8. Apply a little lotion to the cheek bones. Dot with glitter.

9. Put on the rest of your Willow Smith hip hop wear . . .and sing into a bowling pin. . . . .

Come on lady’s if you feel it, do it with your hair.
NO matter if its long or short.
Do it with your hair.

Just Whip it Real Good.

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