Homemade Fresh Lemonade Kool-Aid and Other Things You Should Know

1.  I like to paint bathrooms.2.  I like to paint bathrooms in my pajamas.3.  My pajamas are old t-shirts.4.  I don’t brush my hair when I paint bathrooms in my pajamas.5.  I like to take pictures of myself while painting bathrooms in my pajamas to prove that I actually do stuff.6. I used to wear Tom’s Deodorant, because I don’t like aluminum in my deodorant. I buy Peach scented Tom’s Deodorant.7.  My husband told me that Tom’s Deodorant doesn’t work. 8.  My husband told me I didn’t smell Read more […]

Green Apple Tea Slush

My brains are pushing on the edge of my skull trying to get out.I can feel the thumping. Thump. Pound. Thump. Pound.If my children ask me for something to eat ONE MORE TIME, I think the thumping will cease, my head will just burst open and my brains will splatter EVERYWHERE.I really think it could happen.WHY ARE THEY SO HUNGRY?WHY MUST THEY LOOK AT ME LIKE I AM STARVING THEM?HOW DOES SO MUCH FOOD FIT IN SUCH SMALL MOUTHS?I don’t really want to know the answer to that.I don’t really care.In the past Read more […]

The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit

Today is a glorious and a sad, sad, day indeed. Today is the end of a long journey for myself and millions of other people. The last of 8 adored movies opens today, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. This entire week my wee little ones and I have been preparing for this day to arrive. Beginning with the arrival of our essential Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit, that my eldest quite literally pushed me over to get to. Inside we found a tray of chocolate candy Read more […]

Movie Review: MONTE CARLO and A Minty Lemon-Cooler

Let me tell you this.I can not. Lie. To. Save. My. Life.If your life depends on it, don’t ask me to save your tail. My face will turn red, my mouth will dry up, and my eyes will betray me, resulting in the betrayal of you, no matter how much you make my heart go pitter patter.I’m just not built to have a poker face.Consequently, I’m not even built to watch those with a poker face. Lying just makes me very uncomfortable indeed.Lying to people who deserve to be lied to. I’m uncomfortable.Lying Read more […]

Sun Brewed Tea

Shelbi:   Can I have some tea?Me:   Yes.Shelbi:   Which tea can I can have?Me:   Either one.Shelbi:   Well . . . .what kind are they?Me:   Black or Green.Shelbi:   Which one’s the black?Me:   The brown one.Shelbi:   Which one’s the green?Me:   The yellow one.Shelbi:   That doesn’t even make sense.Me:    Just drink the tea.- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – — We Woo’s are a thirsty bunch.Not easily satiated by water. Such a shame. What a pity.Our only saving Read more […]

Mango Margarita

Today is Cinco De Mayo.  Which is the celebration of the victory of The Mexican Army over the French in the Battle of Puebla.  Around these parts though, we mostly use it as a day to celebrate Mexican heritage, culture and pride, as well as drink margaritas.Today is also, Mother’s Day Tea at my 4 year old’s pre-school.Which leads me to another point, I could really use a margarita right. about. now.This kid.This 4 year old kid is a spitfire.God love her.Every minute I spend with her is heavenly, Read more […]

Vanilla Chai Protein Tea

The grass is turning greener.The weather is getting hotter.And I’ve got a real problem on my hands.Pretty little precious knees.20 month old knees to be exact.That were perfect.  Not a scratch to be had.Until it got too warm to wear pants everyday.  And we started to dress those pretty little knees in pretty little dresses.And then those pretty little knees coupled with big wobbly heads went kerplunk onto the hard gravelly concrete.And we got our first scraped knees ever.The first of many I suppose.She Read more […]

Orange Energy Drink

* this is the grand finale in my series. . . .Tale of  Freedom. Part IPart III have something to say.Sometimes, I feel ummm. . . . . shackled.Bound.Gagged.Tied.Enslaved to my circumstances.Sometimes, I want to yell about it.  I want to slap somebody in the face and say, “WHY DON’T I HAVE A JOB???? WHY MUST I STAY AT HOME ALL FRIGGIN’ DAY AND CLEAN UP THE SAME DAMN ROOM 35 TIMES?  WHY DON’T I HAVE CONVERSATIONS THAT DON’T END IN HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY AND MY SISTER JUST STUCK HER FINGER Read more […]

Hot Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I had a dream about my husband. He was so in love with me. Whenever we were apart all I wanted to do wasC4040-121 be with him. To stroke his hair. To feel his arms around me. To feel his breath against my neck. When he walked, he had a swagger.  And his chest was HUGE and muscular. The shape of his back was CRAZY-RIDICULOUS.  Broad at the shoulders and ripply huge hunks of muscles all down his back. But. . . . . . He had Jon Bon Jovi’s Hair.  What do you think that means? – Read more […]

Holiday Spiced Cider

Soledad (4) has asked me at least 5,000 times in 30 minutes can she have a piece of candy.It is 5:03 pm. The answer is “No, you cannot.”She begins rummaging through the junk drawer.Soledad: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!Me: Yes, Soledad.Soledad: What’s this? *holds up KFC Barbecue Sauce single use container*Me: Barbeque Sauce.Soledad: Oooh, yum. Can I eat it?Me: No.Soledad: What this? *holds up a peppermint*Me: You know what that is. Its candy and you can’t have it.Soledad: Oh, hmmm. Well, then what’s Read more […]