Sun Brewed Tea

Shelbi:   Can I have some tea?

Me:   Yes.

Shelbi:   Which tea can I can have?

Me:   Either one.

Shelbi:   Well . . . .what kind are they?

Me:   Black or Green.

Shelbi:   Which one’s the black?

Me:   The brown one.

Shelbi:   Which one’s the green?

Me:   The yellow one.

Shelbi:   That doesn’t even make sense.

Me:    Just drink the tea.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – —
We Woo’s are a thirsty bunch.
Not easily satiated by water. Such a shame. What a pity.

Our only saving grace is that we can make a mean batch of tea.
Today it’s the lazy summertime type.
Brewed by the sun.
So that we can play in the pool, just a little while longer.

Sun Brewed Tea
*Pictured is Green Tea, brewing in the sun. Typically, you wouldn’t keep Green tea bags in your hot water steeping for longer than 2 minutes, because of the bitter taste that will reside. However, a sun brewed green tea is not bitter at all, despite the hours it takes to make it.

Made mellow by the warmth of the sun, it is a delightful summer treat. Try using your favorite tea, and let me know how it turns out.

What You’ll Need:

A large glass container that will hold a gallon of water
4 Family sized tea bags ( You can also use the single-serving size bags. Try using 10, and  adjust according to your preferences.)
1 gallon of distilled water
2 cups sugar, if desired


1. Fill your glass container with 1 gallon of water.
2. Add tea bags, and replace lid.
3. Place container in the sun for 3-5 hours until the container is warm to the touch, and the tea is a deep color.
4. Remove the tea bags.  If using, add sugar and stir until dissolved. Serve over ice, or place in the refirigerator until ready to consume.

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11 thoughts on “Sun Brewed Tea

  1. I forgot all about Sun Tea!  That’s what we called it when we were kids!  Definitely going to have to make some out on the patio tomorrow!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane!  Visiting and now following via Totally Tuesday Blog Hop…hop on over to my blog and follow back if you like it!

    1. I keep mint in my garden just so I can add it to tea and my husband always comments about the weeds in my tea.

      1. Yesterday I made sun tea, and shoved in a bucket load of mint into my glass jar as the tea steeped. It made a lovely batch of tea.

  2. Love the idea, perfect for camping or beach day.  The only tea recipe that I ever make it much more complicated.

  3. Awww… this reminds me of my Mama.  She ALWAYS made sun brewed tea.  (I’m talking about her in the past tense!  She’s still very much alive I just don’t get to enjoy her tea as much anymore since you know… I don’t live at home).

    1. My momma used to make it too. Wonder if she still does????
      Mommy, you out there? You still makin’ sun tea? Anybody? Anybody?

  4. girl you make super sweet tea! I use one cup per gallon but we live off of tea as well. I keep one sweet batch in the fridge and one non sweet for the grumpy one in the family.

  5. Hey, sweets, is there a rule about sun tea and refrigeration?  My granny used to make us throw it out in 24 hrs if it wasn’t drank.  Drunk.  Definitely one of those two.  🙂

    1. Well, some say that certain bacteria grows in water that comes from Tap, or
      wells or whatever, and that the combination of it sitting out in the sun for
      those hours can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So some say to throw it
      out in a a couple of days. Others within 24 hours. I’ve even read a couple
      of hours.

      The best way to combat this is A.) Use distilled water and B.) if you tea
      looks cloudy with ropey strands, throw it out. But honestly, we’ve made it
      all our lives and we’ve NEVER had that problem. But, then again, we probably
      drink it up faster than we can make it.

      If you’re worried about it, you can also brew the tea in your fridge, it’ll
      work. Just let the bags sit overnight, and then you can let the tea sit in
      your fridge longer without consuming.

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