The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit

Today is a glorious and a sad, sad, day indeed.

Today is the end of a long journey for myself and millions of other people.
The last of 8 adored movies opens today, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.

This entire week my wee little ones and I have been preparing for this day to arrive.

Beginning with the arrival of our essential Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit, that my eldest quite literally pushed me over to get to.

Inside we found a tray of chocolate candy and lollipop molds, 16 glassine bags with ties, 16 broom shaped lollipop sticks and 1 Sweet Shoppe Cookbook with delicious recipes from Honeydukes, the wizarding confection shoppe. We thumbed through the 35 recipes trying to discern which of these recipes would be essential to our 7 movie/3 day Harry Potter Marathon. (Each of the recipes has notes on where you can find the confection in the book 🙂

We settled on Any-Nut Brittle, Treacle Fudge, and of course the Muggle version of Butterbeer, Butter Beer Brew, the frosty version.

It’s a known fact that witches have a sweet tooth.
Surprisingly enough, so do little Woo’s.

Had they had their way, Mum would have conjured up Sugar Mice, Crunchy Roaches, and Love Potions up with the lot, but alas, I think that was plenty enough sugar to satiate their witchy selves.

So while the kids got the movies started. . . .

In our noisy house, sub-titles are a MUST.

and got the healthy snacks together,

I started on our beloved Butter Beer Brew.

And then we all sat together, dreamed, believed, and conquered evil.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Do you want to conquer evil, too?
Do you want to eat ridiculous amounts and funny named candies?

See. That’s why I love you.



And may the force be with you.
By the way. . .You complete me.

Love you guys! See you in the movies.
Oh, and just to hold you over. . .in this time of grief . . . .here’s the Butter Beer Brew Recipe!

Butterscotch Brew Ice Cream Soda
Excerpted from The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Book by Dinah Bucholz.
Copyright © 2011 by the author and reprinted with permission of Adams Media.

Caramel Topping
Chilled Cream Soda
Vanilla Ice Cream
Whipped Cream

1. For each serving, squirt 2 squirts of caramel topping into a tall glass. Pour cream soda into the glass while stirring briskly to within 1 inch of the top. Add two scoops vanilla ice cream and dollop whipped cream on top.
2.Serve with a long spoon and a straw and consume immediately. The traditional way to eat an ice cream soda is to alternate sips of soda with spoonfuls of ice cream

Serves as many as desired.
Disclaimer: By the way, I got this kit to review. No money has exchanged hands. I just thought it might be a nice way for you and me, and everybody else to say a fond farewell to a lovely wizarding friend.  Good bye dear boy. Good bye. Hogwarts Forever!
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