Phoebe’s “Favorite” Pineapple – Mango Banana Smoothie

6:11 am. Kitchen.  Me with hair, slightly wild, completely afro, oddly amazing. Eyes tired, holey t-shirt with pajama shorts on. Mild chaos of crumbs strewn about the floor making a not so subtle beach of cheese crackers and tortilla chips. Dishes in the sink from 2 days before. Smoothie acroutements on the counter. Frozen mango, pineapple juice, banana, yogurt.  I’m making a smoothie for my littlest, because she only eats skittles and goldfish crackers. A Pineapple-Mango Smoothie to Read more […]

Cozy, Cozy Muesli with Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds, and Chia

It’s four months later, and we are still dealing with the aftermath of our GREAT FLOOD of 2017. Our 800 year flood, Harvey. Many of our friends have homes that took on over 2 feet of water. This house, thankfully stayed dry,  tho’ during those 7 days, we were panicked at the prospect. A dear friend of mine (Jenny) has a home (two actually :0 ),  that flooded like crazy. Currently, their home is still being renovated and her family of  six is living upstairs until all the dust settles and Read more […]

Blueberry Dream Smoothie

    Everyday when I put Phoebe (5) on the bus, she gives me a kiss and whispers, “I don’t want to got to school.” It quite literally breaks my heart for 3 seconds, and then she hops up the bus stairs and waves good-bye to me like she’s going to the circus. I don’t get it. But I do hate it. I think maybe she’s just a drama queen like a few of her sisters. Today I said, “Hey. . .let’s say. . .I CAN’T WAIT TILL I SEE YOU WHEN I GET HOME!. . . .and give each other kisses, okay?” And Read more […]

grapefruit smoothie

I was furious. He leaned against the wall, one foot propped up behind him and told them I was a horrible grocery shopper. “Yeah, I just really think I’m going to have to take over grocery shopping for our family.  I mean she just went grocery shopping today, and the kids are hungry and I have nothing to feed them. $200 and nothing.” I just looked at him. I’m sure my nostrils must have flared, as I bit my lip willing myself not to leap up into the air and claw his eyes out. “Oh, really. Read more […]

Broiled grapefruit with yogurt and granola

  Can I just say something? I need to just get this off my chest, if you don’t mind. I’m not always the best mom. And I can be grouchy. And not brush my hair for days, and totally, completely be over it. Just done. Tapped out. But I never, ever want to be that way. Though sometimes I am. And because I’m that way, I’m trying to teach myself to love me just as I am. Because in some odd weird way, I think it’s all connected. I behave this way, because I’m so stressed out trying to be perfect for Read more […]

The Easiest Way to “Peel” a Pomegranate

I always found it odd how Santa did things differently at other people’s houses. Like why he always came through our front door (boot prints apparent) but he flew down the chimney at Jessica Quiggins house. And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Sarah’s gifts from Santa were always wrapped, and ours NEVER where. And stockings…..don’t even get me started on stockings…some kids got toys… Others candy…and some sugar plums….which I liken to prunes… for the life Read more […]