The BEST Green Smoothie & Veggie Black Bean Wrap!

I’ve been telling myself FOREVER, that I was going to try a little experiment. . .to make a smoothie, put it in a stainless steal thermos, sit it out on my counter for 6 hours. . .then. . . open it up and see if the smoothie was 1) still cold, 2) frozen? 3) separated???

But, I never did. So, I never sent a smoothie to school. My poor children, who love smoothies more than life itself, dejected, miserable, alone without their healthy frosty treat.

Whelp. I woke up today, and said, “ENOUGH! I will send a smoothie to school, without being adequately tested and approved AND my children will have to deal with a subpar fruity treat.. .IF NEED BE.

So today, I marched into my kitchen, pulled out my Vitamin and blended like there was no tomorrow. Wrapped those puppies up, and sent them to school with the shrug of my shoulders.

And what do you know. . .

The moment I saw my kids this afternoon after school, they each said the smoothies remained FROZEN.

Omg. I’m a genius.

And then, as if in a dream, each one of them individually told me they loved the black bean burger wrap too! Then my jaw dropped to the floor and I passed out.

The End.

This is what you should send to school if you want to feel amazing.

Watch the YouTube version here…or scroll down for the recipe:)

The Very Best Green Smoothie


1 cup water

1 cup mixed fruit, frozen (I used strawberry, peach, mango, pineapple mix)

1 cup Spinach, frozen (I froze mine, but not necessary)

1 Banana, frozen


  1. Pour water into the blender. Add spinach, mixed fruit, and banana. Blend. Serve immediately, or place in stainless steal container for later consumption.

Vegetarian Black Bean Loaded Veggie Wrap


Low Carb Tortilla

Cream Cheese

Avocado Slices

Lettuce Leaves

Cilantro Sprigs

Black Bean Veggie Burger, cooked according to package directions and cut into strips

matchstick carrots

cucumber slices

tomato slices, seeds removed

Pickle chips


  1. Onto your tortilla, slather a generous portion (about 2 TB) of cream cheese in the center of the round. Lay the remaining ingredients onto the tortilla in the order listed, first avocado, lettuce, black bean burger strips, carrots, cucumber, pickles, and tomatoes. Fold over and eat like a taco! Enjoy!

***If you’re sending it off for school lunches, place the tomatoes and pickles in a separate baggie to be added later so that they don’t make the tortilla soggy!

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