Halloween Front Porch Sign and Things I missed this weekend.


 This past weekend, my husband and I stayed at a hotel about 40 miles away. It was lovely. We dined out 4 times a day, AT GROWN UP RESTAURANTS, walked around and shopped, and went to the movie theater, 3 TIMES in two days. We were celebrating our 14TH ANNIVERSARY.

But. . .in order to do that we missed out on a few things. Like Phoebe’s second EVER soccer game.  Which was a double bummer, since I had to miss the previous week because I was chasing another one of my children around at a Volleyball tournament.


I have NEVER seen that child play soccer. Only in practice, which I have to tell you is a little bit of a dozer.

But I hear, she can hold her own.

Aggressive at times. Thirsty at many more times.  And usually at about half time (do they even have that in soccer?) she is ready to quit the sport all together.  My mother called us this weekend during Phoebe’s half time break (my husband I were still sleeping in bed) to tell us, “we needed to talk to our child right. this. minute.”  She was attempting to jump ship. Bail out. Hit the high roads.  She didn’t like soccer anymore.

My mother passed the phone to a weary, sweaty, fed up with soccer Phoebe. Warwick reminded her of after game snacks, and promised her treats when he got home. . .if she’d just finish the game.

Nana also brought her to the convenience store after the game, to get whatever she wanted.

Phoebe loves soccer once again.


Photography by Nana.



HOLD UP, Chica. Hands off! Hands off.




I think this is the water break where she told Nana she never wanted to play soccer again.


She’s totally stalling. . . . .IMG_8585


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Want to know what else I missed this weekend?

My pictures.

I seemed to have lost a whole bunch of pictures that I took making this lovely, creepy, scare your pants off sign.

All I have left is the final result, no step by step tutorial.


Oh well. If you want the step by step, it’s really rather easy.

1.) By a cheap ugly painting at the Thrift Store. $2 or $3 bucks.

2.) Paint it with black outdoor spray paint (Walmart $1) .

3.) With chalk measure and draw lines where you want the writing. ALSO, write your message with chalk (so you can erase if you make mistakes).

4.) Paint over chalk with white acrylic paint. Let dry. Hang.

AND REMEMBER. . .The uglier the better. Truly.

If you want to see the actual process. . . .I’ve done this before (like a month ago) when I made another Front Porch Sign. It’s not SO detailed, but you’ll get the point:)



There are so many fun things you could say. . . .

NOT EVERY WITCH LIVES IN SALEM. (My personal fave, but my kids out voted me)

Eat Drink and Be Scary.

BEWARE. I’m Gonna Kill YOU.

Whatever you choose, MAKE SURE TO CRACK YOURSELF UP.






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  1. I need that sign for our master bedroom and I won’t go into details on that. Plus your kid is so cute my ovaries just exploded.

  2. Phebs has got to be one of the cutest soccer playing kiddos I’ve ever seen! You’re just so darn crafty…I’ll see what I can do to keep up!

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