Halloween Lunchbox Jack O’ Lanterns


Every Thursday Phoebe has Show and Tell.

Every Thursday at 7:51 am, Phoebe reminds me of said fact, and I take off in a sprint trying to find her something to bring.

It can’t be just anything. It has to be something that starts with the letter of the alphabet they are studying. This week it was “O”.

Phoebe: Mommy what can I bring?

Me: Let’s see.

Warwick: How about an Octopus?

Me: That’s so obvious. Too obvious. Plus we don’t even have an octopus.

Warwick: What about an olive?

Me: That’s stupid.

Phoebe: What’s an olive?

Me: A small green fruit that looks like a grape, but is not sweet, and has this red thing inside. . . .that doesn’t belong there. . .that people or machines or something put inside. Want to bring it?

Phoebe: uuuuuh. I don’t think so.  *purses her lips and taps on her forehead* Oh! I got a great idea. An orange!

Warwick: Ok.

Me: Oh, yeah. Great. Nobody else will have that. I think you should go with the olive.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – –

She went with the orange.

She was sooooooo sure it would be a hit. Nobody else will have an orange, she said. Everyone will love it, she said. I’m thinking. . .everyone will have it. No one will care, and the mere fact that the orange is both AN ORANGE and the color ORANGE is going to confuse every 4 year old in that room. Are you bringing an ORANGE or the color orange PHOEBE???? And then a riot will ensue, because she won’t know.

So I snatched that sucker from her, and drew a Jack O’ Lantern face on it.

There!, I said.

An Orange Jack O’ Lantern. And Phoebe grinned from ear to ear.

And so did every kid in her class. Word has it, that she had the best show and tell item for the letter ‘O’.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This little ditty took like 5 seconds.

Well, I think it was more like 15, but that was only because I couldn’t find the Sharpie right away. I could have used a ball point pen (I have done that before) but it requires more coloring, and therefore a little more time.

Anyway, for that little bit of time, it sure did bring a TON of happiness. I think it would be nice to throw a clementine into the lunch sack with a cute little jack o’ lantern face. Just a little something to say, I thought of you this morning. I love you, so so much.




No clementines?

No worries!

It works on fruit cups too!






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