EASY Halloween Pocket Pillows: Made in 15 minutes!


Dear Warwick,

Happy Anniversary!  I love you.

I just wanted you to know that sometimes you can be a little bit unreasonable, and that is why I have made you these Halloween pillows, at 2:30 in the morning. I realize that you love me and want to spend every waking moment with me on our anniversary. I get it. I understand.

So for you, I woke up, while you still slept away like a baby at 2:33 AM and I came to work on my blog. I sewed, I sweated, I lost needles in the carpet, all so I wouldn’t have to spend one moment away from you TODAY.

That is what a stellar wife does. . . . .when she loves someone with all her heart. . .and couldn’t imagine spending a lifetime with anyone else.

I love you sweetheart. Happy Halloween. I mean, Happy Anniversary.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – –

Don’t feel sorry for me. It’s better this way.

Otherwise it’d be all, “Blah, Blah, Blah. Whine. Whine. Whine. Get off the computer. You never spend time with me.”

He really is so sweet.

Which is why I love him.

That, and . . .he NEVER complains about Halloween decorations.

In fact! Look what I made him as a present!


Lazy crafters pillows for Halloween!!!

He is so going to love cuddling up with these at night.

If you want your special someone to go all ‘goo goo ga ga ‘ you should make these 15 minute pillows, too.

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED (to make about 4 pillows):

Grapes, Optional

Pillow inserts

2 yards fabric


Needle and Thread


1. Eat these. They will help you stay awake.


Place the pillow in the center of the fabric.

You need about an inch of extra room on the left and right side of the pillow (as you can see, I used even less. ( Remember, these are the lazy mans pillows. . .it needn’t be perfect . . . .not that Warwick is lazy. . .actually. . .I’m referring to me. . .but you read this blog. . .you probably already know that).

Now, pull the fabric (from the top) over to meet the middle of the pillow.  You want there to be about a 4 inch over lay.  Do the same thing with the bottom fabric by pulling it up to meet the other flap in the center.

Fold the 4 inch overlay under (on both the top and bottom sides) so that they meet in the middle, overlapping by about 1/2 inch.


This is what the pillow will look like when you are done sewing.


Flip the material inside out (leaving the earlier 4 inch folds in place).

Reframe the pillow, so that you can see exactly where the pocket to insert you pillow will lie.

Pull the pillow out, and straighten fabric.



At this point, you can cut your time down to 10 minute pillows, if you use a sewing machine. I however can not. Because it is 2:40 AM and I do not want to ensue a riot.

Using a needle and a thread, sew a simple stitch to close both sides of the pillow.


Flip it inside out. Voila! You have a little handy 15 minute pocket pillow. Every husbands dream.


Slip your pillow inside.


And there you go. The best anniversary present EVER.


The best four anniversary presents ever.





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  1. Happy Anniversary! My anniversary is the 24th, so maybe I (ahem…HE) needs some pillows 😉

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