Rodeo pictures

Over the holiday Shelbi (13) started an art assignment for the Houston Rodeo. Something about having to take pictures that have to do with the rodeo, but not obviously so.


So. . . I ask, “Is it a photography assignment?”

“Noooo. For art mom.” She says.

“Photography is art.”

“Yes. I know but that’s not the assignment.”

“Well then, What is the assignment?”

“You know, just take pictures and then use it for inspiration. You wouldn’t

“What am I an a idiot? ” *long pause…eyes roll…* “If you speak English, trust me, I’ll understand.”

I still don’t know what the project is. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get any valuable information. On the bright side…. I let her use my camera and she was a pro wielding it, like she had used it a million times before. I can still see her standing in the the high grass, peering over the fence, pony tail blowing in the wind. . .hand on the lens, cute winter scarf around her neck. . . . That child is the apple of my eye.






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