18″ American Girl Doll: Fixing Tangled and Knarled Curly Hair on A mad expensive doll.

20131213-071623.jpg 20131213-082638.jpg I think I may be going crazy. I’ve been internet shopping for 2 weeks straight for 24 hours a day….without food or water….just green tea and cream. My refrigerator is EMPTY. I had to run to McDonalds at 5:56 am this morning just to feed my children breakfast. And I still have Thanksgiving decorations adorning my mantle. Letters to Santa are showing up in the fire place on a daily basis and all I want to do is make a sugar cookie. And yesterday, when I should have been hanging stockings and tinsel…. I found this crazy headed doll on my child’s floor. All sad and pathetic looking. 20131213-071711.jpg And I went crazy. I bought this doll last year for 50 million dollars and look at the state it’s in! I thought. I’m calling the doll hospital! (That’s a real place.) And I begged and I pleaded and they told me they could replace the dolls head for $45! Plus shipping. AND I threw up all over myself. Then I changed clothes, wrapped the doll in a towel and worked my magic. For 3 hours. Untangling every knot out of that doll’s hair. So she could be pretty for Christmas. You owe me Soledad!!!! Like 3000 kisses and 599 hugs. I’ll take it in installments. 20131213-071645.jpg ————————————————————- The American Girl customer service is very helpful. Just….not so much when it comes to curly-haired dolls. All the things I thought to do, they told me not to do. But I did them anyway. Because well, not to push out my chest….too much…. But I know hair. And a hair pick wasn’t gonna do a thing to make this doll go from mad to fab. So take my suggestions with a grain of salt and oregano…..and then make your kids dreams come true …..again:/

How To Detangle and Re-curl Your Doll’s


  WHAT YOU NEED: Matted Up crazy haired doll Brush Detangling Comb Thin tooth comb Shampoo Conditioner Leave in Spray Conditioner Clips to hold hair in place   1. Wrap the doll in a towel and cover her face, making sure not to get any water in her eyes (it could cause blindness or nonfunctioning eyes) . Wash her hair with a moisture rich shampoo and rinse thoroughly. 2. Condition. Condition. Condition. Condition first, then rinse with warm water. Condition again, and rinse with cool water (this helps the conditioner to coat the hair which makes for ease in removing matts). Then towel dry the doll’s hair and spray a leave in conditioner (I buy Walmart brand for this purpose). 3.Part the doll’s hair in small sections working from the neck upward. In small sections, begin the detangling process. I find this works best. . . a.) begin with a piece no large than a 1/2 inch wide. Brush to remove outer tangles and mats. b.) spray again with conditioner. Use the detangling comb to remove large knots. Start at the bottom of the strand you are working with and pull gently to remove knots. Work your way up the stand to the scalp of the doll. When all of the larger knots have been removed, use the smaller toothed comb to remove any small remaining knots. 20131213-071727.jpg 4. Using your finger, twirl the hair back into a loose curl going with the natural pattern of the hair. To achieve a tighter curl, fasten the comb to the hair close to the scalp, and turn in the direction of the curl pattern, pulling the comb down and through the hair as you rotate the comb. Continue until you reach the end of the strand. Repeat 3000 more times. Kidding. Kidding. 20131213-071749.jpg 20131213-071803.jpg 20131213-071815.jpg You’re done now. I guess, Christmas is saved. 20131213-082609.jpg   ONE MORE THING: You’re going to have to tug, pull, and strain. Some hair may come out. After all, it’s a rats nest up in there. If you’re like me and were going to send the doll away anyway, there is no harm in trying. ALSO. . .this is kind of. . .sort of. . .TOTALLY my fault. I told Soli not to brush her dolls hair so it wouldn’t get messed up. AND SHE LISTENED. Only it did get messed up anyway. And I was wrong. Curly or not, the dolls hair must be tended to on a regular basis. Point taken. I am now giving Soledad lessons on how to do this herself on a bi-weekly basis. And Soledad! If you’re reading this. . . You’re dolls pants are on backwards. 20131213-082624.jpg 20131213-082638.jpg    

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