Decorating for Halloween: A Spooky Bookshelf and Fireplace Mantle . . .w/ Stuff from The Dollar Tree and Thrift


I’m still decorating for Halloween.

I’m in a rush to finish so that I can ENJOY it.

So. . . .please forgive me for my very brief post today.  In a few minutes, I’m off to try and figure out how to get a witch in my front yard. And beast eyes in Phoebe’s windows. Oh! And I can’t forget the sinister subjects and creepy birds that need to go in the upstairs bedrooms.

These are very important things that I’m up to. Life changing things. So. . I’m off.

But before I go, I’ll just show you a few pictures of my bookshelf and mantle that have turned slightly spooky. Most of the things that I have used as decor, I bought at the Dollar Store or at the Thrift Shop. I’m thinking the most expensive thing was actually the cheapest made, a styrofoam black glitter pumpkin, I bought for the rock bottom price of $2.50 at Target:)

So stay, and look around.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more Halloween goodies to share.

Hint: Its a quick little lunchbox EASY treat for your kids. . .or in my case. . me:) Have a great Sunday!


The bookshelf before October. It’s a bit bluk. Boring. Cute kids need a makeover. Nobody wants to see bright shiny cute faces when ghouls are around.

IMG_2402 Cheap glass vase bought for $1 at the Dollar Store.



I filled it with branches for $1 at the Dollar Store. I bought a few more leafy stems at Hobby Lobby for $2 a stem.


Dollar tree rocks to fill the vase.






Holla! Dolla!  A spooky scarf to cover up those horribly cute faces on the picture gallery.






A few Halloween Lights. A BOO! sign and some candles. I think it sets the tone. We’re horribly frightening and might bight your head off if we get the chance.


Next. we move to the fireplace.  I had witch legs hanging out of it, but my menacing husband thought it was too much. “Too much?” I cried. “It can never be too much at Halloween.” Oh well. I’ll turn him to a toad while he’s sleeping.

More pumpkins, and scary leafless black trees. Your home is not complete until you own a leafless black tree.


My favorite parts of my mantle are the candles and the lights. In the morning I wake up early and light each and every candle, plug in the string of lights and just sit. I could live in that moment forever.





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