Spring Time Plantings And Playing Tough.

Pink and Yellow Lantanas. 

6:24 am

I slid my feet across the floor until I reached Bella and Soledad’s room.
I flicked the lights on, and nuzzled them to wake up.

Like always, they didn’t want to get up, so I stayed and pleaded,”Please get up. If you get up and get dressed, when you make it down stairs, you can rest on the couch. OK?”

“OK.” they say in chorus.

I watched as they got dressed.
A scratch on Bella’s forehead.
A bruise on her thigh.
Battle wounds all along her arms and legs.
It was a tough fought weekend for her.
She had the state basketball tournament in Dallas, and her body is wearing the medallions of war.

It shouldn’t have been so hard for her.
But it was.
She was pushed, clawed, tripped and attacked, all in the name of basketball.
It shouldn’t have been that way. It was too hard to watch.
She had tears in her eyes, but every time she placed both hands firmly on the ground and pushed herself back up.
Strong girl.
She did not push back.
She played fair.
She put the ball to the court, held her head up and dared them to attack.  And they did.
And she was ready.

She led her team, and they followed.
She showed them how to be fierce and strong, and good and a real sport.
Good girl. My love.
You will always rise in this world because you play by the rules.
You will always find love, because you are love.
Greatness will always find you, because you seek it.

Congrats Purple Rockets! 5th Place in State. Job Well Done.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

It was horrible and wonderful to watch.
No pictures here, because well . . . . I was having a hard time watching with nothing in my hands, it was brutal.

This week, I think is going to be much more demure.
Bella just wants to get out in the garden and water our new spring plantings.
She’s a granola baby, through and through.
Tomato lover.
Sandwich devourer.
Grass stain getter.
She needs clean air and nature so she can recharge.

So just plants today.
In greens and bright Hot Pinks.
To remind us of the excitement that spring brings.

Fresh Homegrown Vegetables.
Green Grass.
Crazy bugs, with long legs and whackadoo wings.

Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.

Welcome Spring.

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