Newspaper to Prevent Weeds and Possibly Made Up Conversations.

I had a conversation today, where I said something I shouldn’t have said. And I’m thinking I might try and fix it tomorrow.

Before I do, I need a trial run. You know. To see if it’s really worth the trouble.


I’ll Say:  Hi!

She’ll Say: Hey There!

I’ll Say:  You know yesterday when I called you on the phone?

She Say:  Yeah.

I’ll Say:   Well, I got to thinking . . . . .and when I told you to let everyone know what you’re feeling and not to worry about the future, just live for today, I meant it.

She’ll Say:  Okay.

I’ll Say:  But then when I said, it’s just like the bible says “blah, blah, blah”.  I mean I know I didn’t say ‘blah, blah, blah’, but I said something the bible says that was relevant, and sounded good at the time. But I don’t remember right now. But I’m sure it was good.

She’ll Say:  Huh?

I’ll Say:  I mean it was true. What I said. The bible does say that. Whatever it is I said. But what I want to say to you is that I didn’t mean to infer that you read the bible.

She’ll Say:  So you think I’m illiterate?

I’ll Say:   Nooooo. I just shouldn’t have assumed you read the bible. Or the Koran. Or any holy book. I mean, I’m sure you CAN read. You can read, right? I just meant, maybe your not Christian. I shouldn’t have assumed that YOU read the bible. . . . . I hate it when people assume I’m baptist because I’m black. Lots of blacks are catholic. Well maybe not lots. My husband always says he never met a black catholic until he met me. And he hasn’t met one since. But that’s a lie. He’s a liar. Other black people who are Catholic who are my relatives he has met. My mom. My sister. My whole durn family.

She’ll Say:  What are you talking about?

I’ll Say:  Life. Realness. Accepting others and appreciating their choices. I’m okay that your Buddhist. Or whatever.

She’ll Say:  I’m not Buddhist.

I’ll Say:  Oh.

She’ll Say:  I’m Baptist.

I’ll Say:  Okay. Never mind then.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is what happens when I garden.
I get to think. I get to ponder.
I wonder about things that I’ve said during the day that were stupid.

How I love spring.
A time to reflect on life.

Anyway, no recipes just yet, I’m still working in the garden.
This is what I’m up to. . . .

I weeded.

And then I layed down newspaper. Helps to prevent WEEDS.

Wet it with the hose. Then. . . .Covered it with mulch, and a few worms.

Love this.

This fool is crazy. He tried to jump on me and wrestle me to the ground. 

I got a new variety of cukes this year, Straight 8’s. You guessed it, they are supposed to be super straight. Novel idea.  Last year my cucumber gardening sucked big fat lollipops.

I also planted cherry, pear, roma, patio tomatoes, bell and banana peppers and a host full of herbs. Oregano and Basil I planted by seed, and covered with palettes so those rotten cats wouldn’t mess with them. Really Fiona, if your reading this blog, STAY OUT OF MY MULCH. AND IF YOUR READING THIS BLOG, I’M CAPTURING YOU AND SELLING YOU OFF IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE RESEARCH AND PISSED OFF GARDENERS EVERYWHERE. YOU’RE A BAD CAT. Just rotten.

More still to do.
Today, I’m cleaning up the hydrangea flower bed and planting some lettuce in a pot.
I’m going to try the cut and come again method. Should be interesting.
Also Warwick is SUPPOSED to plant the Satsuma and Fig Trees.

And, I’m working on a little front porch project, that I think my husband might hate.
But we shall see.
We shall see.

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