Trash INTO Treasure: Refurbished Ugly Goodwill Sign into PORCH RULES Front Porch Sign.

I’ll feel better about this whole situation if I just tell you.

We didn’t go to Mass (church) on Sunday.
I know, I know.
It was Palm Sunday. We should have gone. It was horrible that we didn’t go.

And why didn’t we go?
Because, ummm. . . .we had softball.
And I won’t get into the details of the whole thing, but we were sleepy so we slept instead, and then went to softball.

In defense of myself. . .
On the way to softball, at 9:30 AM, while I was eating fried rice and my children were wolfing down a leftover Super Fat Back from Jack in the Box, I lowered the radio down in the car and turned around in my seat and said . . .

Hey Guys. You know it’s Sunday, right?

Yeeeessssss. . . .

And today is not just any Sunday. It’s Palm Sunday. It’s an important day. It’s the day that Jesus returned to Jerusalem adoringly and the people lined the streets with Palm branches for him to walk on. So his feet didn’t touch the dirt. I think. Like a King. Triumphant. It’s the beginning of Holy Week. And then Good Friday and Easter come. It’s important.

Shelbi rolls her eyes.

And we are not at church today. Today we decided to let you sleep in then go to softball.

Shelbi rolls her eyes again.

I just wanted you to know that Daddy and I recognize that today is a big day in the church. And we aren’t taking it lightly that we are missing it. But . . . .It’s important that you understand that WE believe that God is everywhere and in everything. And that you don’t have to be in a church to feel him or adore him. On this Palm Sunday, when you guys are on the field playing softball WE want you to remember that God is with you. And that Jesus died for you so that you could be happy at this moment and so that you could use your God given talents to play softball. Be grateful for the sunshine, and your friends and your coaches who give you their time and expertise. Be loving and a source of encouragement for your team mates. Be leaders, and givers and kind, in the name of Jesus Christ. And today, especially remember that God is with you, and that you can do all things through God who strengthens you.

Shelbi rolls her eyes.

We say a prayer.

I remind them to make the sign of the cross and then I say Amen . . . .LOUD.
They murmur it.
I turn around in my seat. And turn the radio up.
Then I point out the window at the ocean.
The beauty. The wonder.
And I tell them, “Look. God is here.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And then we went to softball and brought the house down.
Soledad’s team got 3rd place in the 6U division.

And in 8U,  Bella’s team got 1st.
Bella.  . . .sweet Bella. . . .
with no time left, 2 outs, and 2 strikes (and we were behind by 1) hit a doozy directly over right field and brought two girls home for the win.
It all was very exciting.
So exciting, that the children lost their minds.
Oh well.
Whatever they have to do for the game.
Sacrifice your sanity.
Fine by me.

And you know what I said on the way home, don’t you?

“See I told you. God was with you.”
And I got smiles all around.
Though, God would have been with them had they lost. Which they very well could have. Because I’m sure God was with the other team too. Right? Isn’t that the point?
But I didn’t tell them that. I was trying to encourage them and make myself look better.

I think what we’ve really learned here is. . .
1. I am brilliant.
2. God is in the little moments. THE BIG Moments. And every moment in between.

I forget it often.
I’m constantly reminding myself of this.

Which is why I think I’m currently addicted to signs.
Black signs with white writing.
That remind me of this point, in a round about way.

Today, I’m making one for my tiny front porch.
Because when I read it, it reminds me of the beauty of the small moments.
The moments of life. Peace, love and all that Jazz.

Don’t laugh when I tell you what the sign says.

sip ICED Tea or HOT chocolate
ENJOY the Season
Feel the BREEZES

That’s God (to me) in a nutshell.
It may or not be a lazy form of religion.
But in any case. . .

I know God wanted me to make this sign, cuz it was CHEAP.

$4 for the Wooden Ugly Painting at Goodwill
96 cents for the Black Spray Paint to Cover it Up.
$0 for White acrylic paint that I already had (though if you have to buy it, its rather inexpensive.)
$0 for Spar Urethane that I used to seal the picture (same stuff used for sealing wooden doors) because I already had it. You could use some other type of outdoor clear paint sealer. Spar Urethane is just what I had.

First, I spray painted the ugly Goodwill painting black. Let it dry.

Then I hand painted the words onto it. Let it dry.

Sprayed it with Spar Urethane. And hung it.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.

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