Apple, Lemon, Kale Juice (in a blender, of course) and the end of basketball:(

It’s almost over.
And I’m really sad about it.
I’m sad because it made me so happy.
Happy like, I’m doing something right.
Happy like, they are great! they are strong! they are tough!
One more series of games left. 
The denouement, will be the final tournament this weekend.
All my girls teams, have all wins, and only one loss.
It will be another 4 months until they play again.
It seems like forever.

Will I see that same gleam in their eyes when they play softball?
Or when they throw the Volleyball up in the air,
and watch it float. . .
as they wait to slam it as hard as they can,
right into oblivion. . . .
I hope so.
I hope I see shining eyes.
And fierce hearts,
and little girls who stand so tough, so tall,
that not even the forces of hell could knock them down.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
I like STRONG girls.
No doubt.
I don’t like baby voices.
I don’t like crying all the time because I fell down.
No blood.
No big giant gash, or acute swelling.
Then. . .
I’m not interested.
I like smart.
Not stupid.
I like work hard.
Walk tall.
No slouch.
No lazy.
With cute chubby cheeks.
A fat sloppy wet kisses.
I love those type of girls.
I’m building them up to be them. 
But I’m trying to show them how to be their best.
I’m sure I must be annoying.
 I have a lot of things that are non negotiable on my TO DO list. 
You don’t have to play sports. . .
but you must be active.
You don’t have to eat all your vegetables,
but Lord help me, you have to eat some of them.
I like movement and I like healthy.
And that is non negotiable.
Its the natural.
That’s what I like.
It’s beautiful. And it makes you strong Soledad (my six year old)! And green is not mean! And radish leaves in a giant big salad with Asian dressing rocks!  And all the foods you love, can be healthy, (I promise)!!!! Trust me!
Please listen to me.
I’m tired of repeating myself.
Food is beauty. 
WE (I) like beautiful food in vibrant colors, grown in the ground.
We (I) like it because it makes us all
On the inside.
Where it counts.
And natural.
And less likely to talk in baby voices. And cry for silly reasons.
And connected to the GREATER.
This week, I got a green plastic bin filled with natural beautiful things.
All grown right here in my town. And when I opened it, I almost didn’t want to put the vegetables away, because they were so lovely to look at.
It came from local company called Greenling.
Greenling is brilliant. They load up their cars and drive their produce right to you. Helping local business, sustaining agriculture and giving me more time to do other things. . .
. Look at all these beauties I received. .. . . .
 THE LOCAL BOX: It changes weekly depending on what is available locally. And the craziness of it all. . . I just ran out of goods like a day ago.  And check out all the yum I’ve cooked this week.
Orange Coconut Banana Bread

Sweet Potato an Corn Chowder with Kale
Simple Greens and Pasta
In the box, they also provided a list of 4 recipes, just in case your looking for ideas.
You can check them out at
Maybe they’re in your area too.
Or you can follow them on Facebook. They are very punny. Funny and full of puns! Get it???
Anyway. .
I better go.
I hear my lovely non-crying, non-baby talking athletes screaming at the top of their lungs up at 6:14 am.
I think someone is crying.
And I can hear the faint echoes of baby talk.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Apple, Lemon, Kale/Spinach Juice
I made this with the Kale from my local box:) Oh man. It was good. So good that the pulp that I normally throw away, my kids ate. It tasted like some yummy sweet exotic apple sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
6 handfuls of greens (Kale or Spinach) about a bunch
1 Lemon, peeled
1 Apple, peeled
Apple juice, about 1 cup (or your fave juice)
Throw all the ingredients in a blender. Blend. Strain. Slurp.
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