Contact Paper & Decor: Covering Some Old Plastic Drawers.

I have a 12 year old.
And she’s quite the funny character.
Very moody.
Too bossy.
Lovable beyond measure.
When I was 25, I didn’t know being a mother would be like this.
Like I am some overprotective big sister, always looking out for what this kid is doing.

When I was 25, I didn’t know that she would tickle me so.
That she would amaze me with my likeness.
I didn’t know she’d be artistic.
And smart.
Brilliant in math.
Genius with colors.
I didn’t know that  she would take pictures that would make me think.
Would make me wonder, what goes on in her mind?
Look, at what she finds important.
Look! They are the same things I find endearing. enduring.
Her Hair!
Her style.
Her choice in cupcakes and friends:)
When I was 25 I didn’t know that being a mother wasn’t about cleaning, and fixing, and doing. Which of course it is.
But really, it’s mostly about love.
Giving love.
Finding love.
Sharing and hoping to spread love.
Seeing it in all the things around us.
In every moment.
In hair. In cupcakes. In legs and in cameras.
It looks like my kid is teaching me so much.
Love is all around.
Feel it.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
I’m working on Shelbi’s room, little, by little. Adding things to make it more. . . .her.

The her I’m just starting to get to know better.
I think she’s just starting to know herself better too.
Her. . .

She. . .
Loves black and white.
In Damask.
In florals.
In Zebra. But only sometimes.
Today I went up to her room and covered some hideous plastic drawers that she insisted on having next to her desk. 
I covered the see-thru drawers with contact paper (Dollar Store. . .Holla!)
Black and White.
See, my love. I’m listening.
Not quite damask.
But Victorian-ish. Just like you showed me you liked.
I think it looks much better.
I’m hoping she’ll come home from school today, walk up the stairs and into her room, and smile.
Then come out, look over the banister and whisper to me. . . .
 Thank You. 
I love it.
Thank you for thinking of me and doing something that fits me so. 
My style. 
Thank you for noticing.
While I was up there I noticed these. . . .
Money Jars. Made with Decoupage.
One to spend.
One to save.
She worked on them yesterday afternoon.
I love that she’s artistic.
And quite posh in her own way.
It’s lovely to see the woman she is becoming.

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