Candy Corn Witch and Rock The Vote with Redwood Hill Farm GIVEAWAY!!!!!

 {Winner announced below}

I’m just going to say “I’m sorry” before I begin.
Then you can say “Thank you,” when I’m all done.

With the blogging time I have today, I have to make my “To Do List”.

Nicki Woo’s TO DO:

1. See if Bella’s Candy Corn Witch costume fits.

2. Convince Bella that her face is gorg, HOWEVER. . .it’s All Hallow’s Eve and could she pretty please put some make-up on it (preferably girlish ghoulish)

3. Figure out Halloween Dinner Menu. (maybe Turkey Chili with a side of green onions, sour cream and cheese, Baked Chicken Taquitos, Fruit Tray, Vegetable Crudite Tray, Red Velvet Cookies, and some kind of Scary Gross Punch.

4. Blog about Redwood Hill Rock the Vote Giveaway (I’m getting there.. . .)

5. Blog about Soledad’s ridiculous (that I really love) Vampire Lalaloopsy Costume (maybe tomorrow).

6. Pick up Shelbi’s book from Half Price Books (why did she just tell me about this today?).

7. Laundry. (why do these people wear so many clothes?)

8. Clean kitchen. (There is pumpkin residue everywhere.)

9. Set up for tomorrow. (Halloween Candy table. Make candy bowls. Make dinner buffet table. Fix Garage silhouttes. Find Halloween Music Mix CD.)

10. Sweep. Mop.

11. Clean game room, Girls room, Feebs room, Shelbi’s room. . . . .my room. . . . .

12. Make dinner (maybe some sort of pasta with pesto and meatballs or something)

13. Buy snakes for my Medusa Hair costume.

Gawsh. I’m bored reading my own list.  . . .
Blah. Blah. Blah.
This list is never going to end.

How does anyone ever get anything done?
I’m just not going to think about it.
It will all come together. Somehow.
I’ll relax, eat some roasted pumpkin seeds and show you some pics of my Candy Corn Girl.

Look at that face.
Not the Pepto Bismal and Shampoo on the tub.

Lavender Smoky Eye.

Black Liquid Liner on Top. White Pencil Liner on Bottom.

Blurry Picture of a white tangly mess of a wig that took 30 minutes to wrestle down. Totes worth it though.

Cute little braids.
Mi amor. Mi vida.

She only ever wants to be pretty for Halloween.
And though, it really unnerves me that my other children sometimes go the pretty route, with my sweet Bella, I don’t even mind.

Such a sweet, polite, lovely girl.
She oozes sugar. She’s a lollipop dunked in milk chocolate sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Pretty is in her soul.

– – – – – – – – – –

I think she might be so sweet because she eats soooooo much good food.
I’m not kidding.
She requests salads routinely for snack.
And tomatoes.
Don’t get me started.
She prizes them like rubies.

And wholesome dairy, Kefir, yogurts, high quality cheeses.
Man, oh man.
Have you got her number.
A little yogurt with fruit parfait soul is more like it.

Maybe a bit of cheese with some wholegrain pita chips, totally right up my sweet girl’s alley.

So today,
Because I feel good, thinking of my sweet girl eating GOOD FOOD,
and maybe because I’m feeling a little guilty ahead of time for POSSIBLY thinking I May or MAY NOT steal all the Heath and Hershey Bars out of my kids Halloween Buckets,
I want to pay for my sins a day in advance. . . . . . by giving something away.

And what Am I Giving Away Today? You ask.
Some of my favorite stuff ever. I say.

To one lucky Nicki Woo Reader a one-time example of the goat goody prize the Grand Prize Winner of the Vote Goat will receive every month next year, including:
  • A special delivery box full of Redwood Hill Farm’s award-winning artisan goat cheeses (will also include their Goat Milk Cheddar & Smoked Goat Milk Cheddar and Raw Milk Feta )


  • Free product coupons for Redwood Hill Farm’s award-winning goat milk yogurts and kefirs

  • A Redwood Hill Farm t-shirt and tote bag (see photo attached)
  • And an 8×10 glossy “signed” poster of Redwood Hill Farm’s star show goat “Zimba,” a “Goat Milk?” bumper sticker and a half-dozen adorable goat postcards.
  • A goat tote bag and t-shirt

“Great!” You say. “I’m in!” You say.
“But what,” you say, “is VOTE GOAT?”

“Well” I say.
“I’m so glad you asked.”

Redwood Hill Farm, makers of fine dairy cheeses and dairy products,  want YOU to “Rock the Vote”. With Election Day days away and the debates between “donkeys” and “elephants” heating up, Redwood Hill Farm, is shining a spotlight on goats – the unsung heroes of dairy. Redwood Hill Farm, the award-winning producer of America’s first and favorite goat milk yogurts and kefirs. (The original Greek yogurts, were after all,  made from goat’s milk.)

“A vote for the goat dairy my parents founded in 1968 is a vote for sustainability, humane animal care and healthy, natural dairy products of the highest quality,” said Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery Owner Jennifer Bice, who lives with her award-winning herd on the family’s solar powered goat farm, which was the first Certified Humane® goat dairy in the U.S. “Consumers contact us every day sharing stories of how they enjoy our delicious, easy-to-digest goat dairy products, and we are excited to reward their support and creativity with our ‘Vote Goat’ campaign.”

To Enter The Redwood Hill Farm Prize Giveway: 

Just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

“What Halloween candy is going to make you feel so guilty that you’ll need to give things away in order to repent?”


One entry per person, please. Candy Corn Witch Bella is watching. She may be nice, but she ain’t no fool.

The Nicki Woo Redwood Hill Farm VOTE GOAT GIVEAWAY will end November 5, 2012 at midnight CST. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Entrants limited to US and Canada. They will be chosen randomly using

Good Luck!

And the winner is. . . .


mini reese cups!
Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize. (Note: If the winner does not claim their prize in the next 48 hours, I’ll select another winner)

THEN. . . . . .

Enter THE REDWOOD HILL FARM VOTE GOAT CAMPAIGN for a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE of a year’s worth of goat goodies. . . . .
Its’ as Easy as 1-2-3:

  • Like Redwood Hill Farm’s Facebook page at
  • Click on the Vote Goat event (top right of RHF’s Facebook page) to join the Vote Goat and post about your favorite goat yogurt or what new or existing flavor you’d most like to try: Apricot Mango, Blueberry, Cranberry Orange, Strawberry, Vanilla, Wildflower Honey, Plain or X?.  Be creative and have fun with your posts – whether that means posting ‘an ode to goat yogurt’ poem or story, getting your family or pets involved, posting or tagging a photo or under one-minute video. Just by posting you will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a year’s supply of goat goodies and other daily and weekly prizes between now and Election Day Nov. 6
  • Download your free “Vote Goat” badge at and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter

Why vote goat?
To start, it’s the most consumed milk in the world.

According to Registered Dietitian Tamara Duker Freuman, here are three good reasons why:
  1. Goat’s milk is naturally lower in lactose than cow’s milk, making it easier to digest for people who are mildly lactose intolerant.
  2. Goat’s milk dairy is as good of a source of calcium—if not better—than cow’s milk dairy. According to the USDA’s National Nutrient Database, one cup of goat’s milk actually has about 18% MORE calcium than an equivalent serving of cow’s milk.
  3. Unlike other calcium rich foods, goat’s milk actually seems to enhance iron absorption

 Disclaimer: I do not endorse voting Goat over Donkey or Elephant. But I do really like goats and if your asking, I suggest goat. I was not paid for this endorsement but really do love all things Redwood Hill Farm. Try them. I think you’ll like them too.

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