Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

I was a bit of a witch with a ‘b’ yesterday.

I screamed and hollered about not being able to do IT ALL.
I think I may have thrown the top to the blender across the kitchen. Or that could have been the day before yesterday, but I definetly threw it.

I witched and moaned about football being on the television ALL THE TIME.
And then I watched two games in a row because I was too lazy to get up and change the channel.

After giving Warwick a glaring look, a huff, and an exhausted roll of my shoulders he relented and watched the SNL Election skits with me.

When I fell asleep, he woke me up and walked me to our bed, then tucked me in.
When I mumbled that our bedroom TV wasn’t working, he got up from his football game and fiddled with the TV in my room.

Whenever I ask him to do anything, he almost always does it.
He kisses me on my cheek and tells me he loves me.
He will always pick me before football.
I don’t know why I yell at him.
He works just as hard as I do.  He just knows how to take a break, when I don’t.

I’m learning though. And hopefully he sees that I’m trying.
Especially when I frantically race to transform our bedroom into the third installment of our Anniversary present, IN ONE HOURS TIME, while he is at Volleyball Practice with Shelbi.

I hope this bedroom says. . .. . . .
I love you.
And I’m not crazy all the time.
Sometimes I’m so not crazy that I can plan a bedroom makeover and fill it with pictures of all the girls you love, in minutes.
And I can do it buy purchasing things on clearance, because I know your such a penny pincher.
High Quality Picture Frames.
Fluffy pillows.
New Lamp. New Sheets. New Bed Ruffle.
Check. Check. Check.
But make it look like I purchased it all from Pottery Barn. 
Which I didn’t.
So. . . .don’t have a cow.
I was just getting ideas when I slept with the magazine glued to my face for the past 2 months.
I just hope you realize through all of this effort. . .
I wanted to make a place for you that is cozy and warm and comfortable.
So that you always want to come home.
To me.

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