How to Decorate Your Bathroom Mirror with Glass Stones

Remember when I started painting my little girls’ bathroom? I was all gung ho, excited and happy-like.

That was 2 months ago, and I haven’t been able to show you the finished product because somebody named THE MAN WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE has been a little lax in hanging up the photograph and installing the door knobs and cabinet pulls.

If your listening Mr. Woo (and I know you are) I love you, I truly do, BUT ENOUGH WITH THE EXCUSES. “I had to go to work. I had to watch the kids. I had to mow the lawn.” Whatevs.

And you there, who’s thinking, why in the heck didn’t I just do it myself. I’m a handy woman, I should have just rolled up my sleeves and got my nose a little dirty. Or is that elbows greasy? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Anyway. . .I very well would have done it myself but. . . .as a rule of thumb. . . . . I do things the laisse faire way. Either waiting for Mr. Woo to do it, or doing it myself with. . . No rulers. No real tools. Do I need a nail? I’ll make do with a screw. Hole not fitting? I’ll just scratch it up and make a larger one.

Sometimes this method works. Sometimes it does not. And generally, my husband who likes all things to be perfectly, perfect, perfect, has requested that I leave all such chores to him.

So, I do have a bathroom to show you today. But it’s not quite complete. I went against Warwick’s better judgment and hung the picture myself, but I wasn’t brave enough to do the knobs or the handles. But I’m going to show you the result anyway, because it’s just so pretty and if I don’t tell you now, I may never. And the world without a blog post about my kid’s bathroom is no place you or I want to be.

Just use your imagination if you should see a wayward drawer, or a hole in the closet door.

Now. . . .without further ado. . . .my kiddos bathroom. . . .that used to look like this. . . .

Now looks like this.

Aaaaaah. A breath of fresh air. Fresh air on a cloudy day. My absolute favorite days of all. You know the type where you can smell the rain in the background and the entire day is overcast in a cover of the grayest blues. The type of day were you get to wear your polka dot galoshes. Use your red plaid bubble umbrella, and splash in water puddles. The color of peace, laid back happiness. The color of the paint on the bathroom walls.

When the girls saw the color, they were NOT excited. I think they were hoping for Pepto Bismal Pink. Yeah. Not gonna happen. I tried to garner their support by enlisting them to help me find Glass Stones to glue to the mirror.

And then we purchased rhinestone curtain rings to hang the shower curtain. And added ‘slightly’ fancier switch plates.

They told me that wanted fancy. They wanted girly. So I tried to accommodate with a subdued French Country look. Capitalizing on our Louisiana Creole Culture, I purchased Curtains and towels embroidered with the Fleur de Lis (stylized lily ) all purchased at one of my favorite stores Target.

Instead of using a picture of the Eiffel Tower, I used a picture of our own Look-Out Tower that can be found on our local Boardwalk, down near the water on Clear Lake, in Kemah, TX. I took the the picture when we went on the cruise around Galveston Bay and Clear Lake.

And then we went to our local craft store, and looked for Ornaments. One to be hung on the light fixture (I really wanted a chandelier but we’ll save that for another day) and another to be hung on the closet door to add a little pur-tay.

NOW. There bathroom is beautiful. With clean crisp lines. Flowery, but not too bouquet-ish. Jeweled out, just a bit. And perfect, perfect, perfect for my little girls.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When I told Warwick I was going to GLUE glass stones onto the bathroom mirror, he fainted twice. Okay. Well maybe he didn’t faint, but he did look at me sideways twice, and his face did turn a puke shade of green. Of course, he was worried I’d hurriedly start creating with Super Glue and NO LICK OF SENSE and ruin the mirror, and he’d have to replace it.

No worries, Mr. Woo. Oh ye of little faith. I tried it out on your shaving mirror first, duh. See. It peels right off.

Hot glue is the answer. No pain. All gain.
If you hate it when you’re done, just pull it off and nothing is ruined. I promise.


What You Need:

Glass Stones, Pebbles, Marbles, or whatever you like 🙂
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Toddler Sidekick, optional

What To Do:

1. Clean the mirror you will be working with.
2. Plug in your glue gun. Allow to heat up (you may want to have a cup of cold water to place your hand in, should you get hot glue on your fingers).

3. Decide on the the design you’d like to use.
4. Working from the center of the mirror, to assure symmetry, squeeze glue onto the back of your stone (or other adornment) and place in the appropriate place on the mirror. Repeat until design is finished.

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