Update on My Dad & Some Pictures for His Review

Update On My Dad’s Heart Transplant Recovery:
Well folks, all your kind words, positive energy and loving prayers seem to be working WELL. My Pops is well on his way to recovery. He’s still sick, and in ICU but now he is very alert, moving around a bit, with a brand spanking new 20 YEAR OLD heart.  No more fevers, dialysis, breathing tubes, and other crazy horrible wonderful contraptions. The doctors are very optimistic, and and encouraged by his continued progress everyday. Today’s  prescribed medicine is for him to review pictures on his IPad to help stimulate his brain.  So, submitted for his review are some random pictures of his grandkids over the past year for him to enjoy while he’s laying around getting better. 
Hurry Up and Get Better Papa! We love you and these knuckleheads over here say you promised to take them to Disneyland. And they don’t forget a promise.

Continue to get better Daddy! We’ll be up there to get on your nerves just as soon as we can!!!!
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