Strawberry Shortcake Easy Homemade Costume

Me:     Okay girls, Soledad needs help with Show n’ Tell. She needs to find an object that starts with the Letter “U”. It has to be able to fit into this paper lunch bag. *shows girls paper lunch bag*

All:      An Umbrella!!!!!

Me:     That. Fits. Into. This. Paper. Lunch. bag. *shows bag again*

Shelbi (9):      How about a “UTENSIL”? That starts with “U”.

Me:     That also starts with boring.

Shelbi (9):     Oooooh, I know. I think I have an “Urgent Care Pamphlet” in my room.

Me:     ??????????? Let’s try and think of things she might actually want to bring. Shall we? Listen, what about this Halloween mask? It’s . . . . .U-G-L-Y. That starts with “U”. Your friends will love it Soli.

Warwick:     “Ugly” is an adjective. Not an object. She needs to bring a noun that starts with “U”.

Me:     Not if she doesn’t want to. Not if she has imagination. Right Soledad?

Soledad (4):      Yeah. I don’t want to bring that. It’s ugly.

Me:     That’s the point. Ugly is fun. Especially during Halloween.

Bella (6):     What about a unicorn? I have a My Little Pony Unicorn. It’s pretty, and pink. She could bring that.

Soledad (4):     Yeah, yeah, yeah! I want to bring that! I want to bring something pretty.

I really don’t think these are my children.

Why would a child bring a boring, run of the mill My Little Pony Unicorn, when they could bring quite possibly the ugliest Halloween mask IN THE WORLD to school? Honestly, the Urgent Care pamphlet would have been better than that.

I keep trying to tell them, sugar and spice is totally over-rated.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m really surprised at Soledad and this whole “pretty” thing. She’s changing into somebody I don’t even know.

Last year, for Halloween she was “Dora the Vampire Explorer”. That’s the kid I know.

This year she wants to be Strawberry Shortcake, but without any blood or fangs. What is the world coming to?

She’ll be cute. Sure. But a little blood, or a dirty face would set the costume off just right.

But alas, I’ll just have to love her through this phase, and roll up my sleeves and make (put together) the costume. I’m such a sucker for my kids.

Strawberry Shortcake Homemade Costume

What you Need :

Pink cap (with the bill covered in lime fabric, trimmed with white ribbon, and topped with a green pom-pom. All can be fastened to the hat easily and securely with a glue gun)

Red Wig (Long for modern Strawberry Shortcake, short for the old school Strawberry Shortcake. Soledad chose to use the Ariel wig from Bella’s old mermaid costume)

Brown Eyeliner Pencil for freckles

Pink Blush

Pink Lipstick

Iron-on Strawberry Appliques (JoAnn Fabrics $1.99)
Short Sleeved White T-shirt/Blouse
Long Sleeved Pink T-shirt (if it’s cold outside)

Pink Tutu ($9.99 Girls Department Target)
Green and White Striped Leggings or Stockings (I purchased the leggings @ Walmart on clearance. But I’ve seen green and white stockings at Walmart $2.50 and Party City)
Pink or Red Shoes

White ruffled socks

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