Take Your Child To Work Day

Last week, my little girls went to work with the Big Dog for Take Your Child to Work Day.  Warwick prepared all week for his guests, but he still looked a bit nervous as they hit the door to venture out into his Work Odyssey.

I keep telling these little jokers what wonderful lives they have, and what a wonderful daddy they have.  But they just roll their eyes. 

“Aren’t you excited about going to work with Daddy?” I say.

Yeh.” they say.

“You don’t sound excited. ” I say.

“Well it’s just about space and stuff, ” they say. 

Just about “space and stuff”? Sheesh.

Anyway, here it is.  The evidence.  That they really do have a pretty neat Poppa, and he really does take his job (as a Daddy) very seriously.

The first half of the day was spent learning all about Space, Astronauts, Shuttles, and the International Space Station. They made all sorts of crafts, including rockets . . . . .

They also learned about the kinds of foods astronauts eat in space. And look, Daddy even sprung for some Space Age Dehydrated Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at the gift shop.

 But, as always, I think their favorite part was lunch.

where they ate grilled cheese and chicken fingers . . . .

and I ate . . . . .salad.

and the baby had her very first french fry fries, ever.

And then, we went on a walk around the campus to see why there is such a thing as Space Exploration.
We saw lots and lots of ducks.
Even ducks with hats.
And lots of ducks with babies.
And even little human ducks who want to act like ducky babies.


We saw cranes that pranced around as if on runways,
and beautiful cat tails in ponds. . . . .
 where fish swam eagerly.

and tremendously trepid turtles treaded lightly.
We even saw a crazy little space age looking bug.
I really hope the children understand the lesson in all of this.
We explore space so we can preserve and protect the things that we find so valuable on this planet; and that, in exploring other worlds, we become much closer to our own.
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One thought on “Take Your Child To Work Day

  1. Sounds like a fun day on daddy’s job to me. Did you get to go, too, or just join them for lunch? A & A missed out on all of that sort of fun b/c ever since 9/11 no one but no one without a security badge (including little kids who could be terrorists, too, I guess) is allowed down where fleet service clerks work. Oh well. Glad y’all had fun. -E

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