Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Warwick and Shelbi upon their first meeting.

The other day, the children and I were waiting in the car, while Warwick ran inside the grocery store to grab something.

Shelbi leaned over the seat, with the sincerest of smiles and whispered,  “Thank you Mommy, for packing me a snack for my trip to the country with Grammi.”

I looked into her chocolate brown eyes, wishing I deserved the gratitude. But alas, this time it shouldn’t have been directed toward me.

“That’s very sweet, my dear.  But I didn’t pack that snack for you.  Your father did.”

“Really?” she gleamed. “Daddy packed a snack for me? Why? I didn’t even ask him to.”

“Because,” I said knowingly, “He loves you.”

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?  Because those big lugs are the most thoughtful, loving, and wonderful creatures, who will go to greatest lengths to protect their little cubs from the most troublesome of hurts. Even if it is, just hunger pains.

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