Bistro Lunch! Turkey California BLT

You know why this is called California, right?

Because it’s gorgeous, it has the hippest veg ever (AVOCADO), and it’s so UBER healthy, yet totally delicious, that my Cali girl (my 20 year old is a USC kid ) will claim it everyday of the week. Which I ALMOST FIND INSULTING. . .since a Texas BLT Wrap has other things that come to mind. . .but I’ll try not to get my panties in a bunch.

The most important thing to remember here is I live in Texas, and can still eat this deliciousness, because well. . .AMERICA.

And the second most important thing to remember is. . .that I must. . .YOU MUST. . .WE ALL MUST remember when making a sandwich of any type is . . .DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO IN ORDER TO MAKE SURE THAT JOKER IS NOT SOGGY.

STEAL YOUR NEIGHBORS DOG? Only if it’s necessary.

But I’m telling you, I’ve barely skirted having my head on the guillotine for this very infraction. It wasn’t fun, and I don’t plan on reliving that PAIN again.


Wet ingredients should go into the center of the sandwich, and be sealed in on both sides by some sort of water permeable ingredient . . .i.e. lettuce leaves, lunch meat, even cheese slices will do the trick! Just make sure those wet pickles, tomatoes, and whatever other juicy bits you have included aren’t touching you bread or tortilla!

For the live action video of this Cali BLT, check out MY YOUTUBE video below, or keep scrolling if you just want the recipe in black and white:)

CALIFORNIA BLT with Avocado and Turkey Deli Meat


  • Large Burrito Tortilla
  • Mayonaise
  • Cheddar Cheese Slices
  • Green Leaf Lettuce (whole leaves are best, it better acts as a moisture barrier)
  • Sliced Tomatoes (seeds removed)
  • Sliced Avocado
  • Sliced Pickles
  • Ranch Salad Dressing
  • Sliced Turkey Deli Meat
  • Pre-cooked Bacon Slices


  1. Lay your tortilla onto a flat surface. Slather with mayo, about 1 Tablespoon. Layer, in this order. . . first cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, pickles, ranch dressing, turkey deli meat, and bacon.
  2. Take the two shorter ends of the tortilla and fold upward, and then inward like a burrito. Once the two shorter ends are folded in, fold over the longer side onto the shorter, and roll to enclose all the ingredients.
  3. If not eating immediately, wrap in plastic wrap to enjoy later!

I served this with a delicious Orange Vanilla Smoothie!

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