Keto Hot Cocoa IN 5 MINUTES

I love me some coffee, but it does weird things to me.

It peps me up, but also, it can make my stomach hurt. And the caffeine, my body doesn’t really care for, and it can even give me pains in my breasts, just like chocolate (if I eat too much of it). It’s been this way my entire life, so I still drink it, but very moderately. Mostly I drink tea, with cream and I love that just the same.

But sometimes! Sometimes! I really want a cup of hearty thick creamy cafe con leche, a cappuccino or some kind of rich thick God-like drink.

But I’m trying to hard to listen to my body, and give it more of what it responds well too, and less of the things that I love, but don’t love me back.

Today, I thought I’d try a thick cup of KETO Hot Chocolate, and I think it could do the trick on replacing coffee some of the time. This was so quick to whip up, and with only 5 net carbs, I’m quite sure I’ll be enjoying it often this Holiday season.

(watch the video version here. . . or keep scrolling for the recipe. )



8 oz. hot water (0 carbs)
1 TB Cocoa Powder (3 carbs, 1 net carb)
4 TB Heavy Cream (1.6 carbs)
2 squirts of Pyure Stevia Liquid Sweetener + 2 more Squirts for sweetening the whipped cream topping (more if you’d like it sweeter) (2 carbs)
*Optional: ChocZero Caramel syrup as a sweetener for the cocoa (.33 net carbs)

5 Net Carbs total!


1. Into a large mug, add Cocoa powder, 2 TB heavy cream, 2 squirts of Pyure Stevia Liquid Sweetener, and a drizzle (about 1 tsp) of ChocZero Sugar Free Syrup.
2. Add 8 oz. of boiling water. Stir well.
3. Into a small glass, add 2 TB heavy cream and another 2 squirts of Pyure stevia. With an handheld brother ( or immersion blender if you’d like it more like whipped cream) mix the sweetened cream until it gets very frothy.
4. Pour into the hot chocolate and enjoy!

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