Orange You Glad it’s Halloween Breakfast Yogurt Drink (with Orange, Banana, and Raspberry)



This is how I know my infatuation with Halloween is not normal.

I have just planned what my children will eat for breakfast 28 days from now.

It’s the attention to details that really call attention to the fact that I have lost my mind.

Never mind that I didn’t feed them breakfast today.

Which isn’t really true, I did feed them breakfast. . . . . at 12 noon.

But that was because I needed to go to the store to buy orange juice concentrate to make this to see if they’d like it well enough to have on Halloween.

And it had to have orange juice in it because

1.) Oranges are orange and orange is the color of Halloween

2.) Oranges are round like pumpkins

3.) Orange Juice has Vitamin C, which will keep them from being sick. . .on Halloween

Maybe I don’t sound that crazy after all. I think this is a totally normal thing to do.

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This recipe makes quite a lot of yogurt drink. Enough for my four kids, myself, and a few more. In my opinion it tastes like something reminiscent of an Orange Julius.

Pure delight.

Bright, fresh flavors, with just the right amount of sweet.

Try it for breakfast, a mid afternoon snack or anytime you want a pep me up. . .you’ll be glad you did.


The Woodard girls eat a lot of crap on Halloween night. That’s okay in my book, as long as they get in a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. . .whatever room they have left in their tummies can go to chocolates and booger gummies.

Serves 6-8



4 cups Vanilla Yogurt ( store-bought or try my homemade version)

1/2 frozen orange juice concentrate, defrosted

2 bananas

2 cups ice

1/2 milk

5 drops yellow food coloring, optional

Sugar Free raspberry Jello powder (about 1/2 tsp. . .add enough to make the drink orange)



1. Add yogurt, orange juice, bananas, ice, and milk to the blender. Process until creamy.

2.Slowly add jello powder, little by little, processing after each addition until the drink has reached the color orange you desire.

3. Enjoy!





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