REUSE: How to spray paint your rug.


I’m a mad woman.

Not pissed or anything.
More like crazed with genius inspiration.

The type of mad crazy genius that makes one wake up at 4:30 AM in their hole ridden nightgown and stumble blindly into their garage with no shoes and only a paint can in hand. Posed to undo the wrong that had been done to them when their 8-year-old child dropped a jar of sun tea on the hall rug at 9:26 pm a fort night ago. Upon which night , said stumbler had a mental breakdown and sun tea up to her eyeballs, on her rug and on her WHITE walls. Her handsome, very smart and quite ironically clueless husband promised (ie. lied/misspoke/temporarily forgot how to interpret and communicate with English) that he would clean it up. . . . . only to notice TWO days later that the rug had a big brown stain RIGHT SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF IT,  and it smelled like dying shrimp because he never picked up the rug to clean under it.

He never cleaned UNDER the rug.

A second melt down later, and days living on Pinterest…..trying to decide how to remove a refreshing iced beverage from her/my hallway rug…..

I found this…..simply spray


Which helped her/me turn my/her rug into this……


It’s a spray paint, that is really more of a dye, intended for upholstery. It runs $9.99 a can at Hobby Lobby (I used the weekly 40% off coupon and only paid $6).  Best if used on solid colors….not prints…..and you have to go darker than the original color on your project….otherwise it won’t work….because it’s a dye and will cover varying shades various colors.

For this rug, I used 3 cans. But, I was pretty trigger happy. I think I could have stuck to 2.

Here is my picture play by-play.

I just cleaned the rug. Scrubbed out the spots. Let it dry. vacuumed. Which. . .you probably only need to do the vacuuming because your child is not roaming around your house hurtling tea jugs at anything that is light in color and precious to you. . . . .

Then, I taped off my design. And Sprayed my little heart out.







Once the rug was dry, it was a little tacky.

So we walked on it for a few days, and it was less tacky, but still not soft enough for me. I used sand paper and gave it a good rub down. It softened it up quite a bit. Now its damn near perfect.

I have more carpet floor tiles upstairs in our game room. I’m thinking I may do something fancier next time with stencils or something. I dunno.

Who am I kidding? I just need to be happy I did the Flor Rug Tiles downstairs.

It’s pretty self explanatory….but if you have questions….you know where to find me:)

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