On My Mind…….and in my garden.


Him:    Nicole! Nicole!

Me:  WHAT?….

Him:    I’m cleaning out all the drawers in our bedroom and they all have finger nail clippings in them.


Like someone decided that they were going to clip their nails inside each and every drawer in our room

Me:    oh.

Him:    Do you know who could have done this?

Me:    no.

Him:    You didn’t do it?

Me:    no.

Him:    Are you sure?

Me:    Yes.

Him:    Yes, you did it? Or yes you’re sure you didn’t do it?

Me:    I want to tell you something…..and hopefully I’ll never have to tell you again.

Him:    I hope you have to tell me again and again. . .* smiles crookedly*

Me:  Look, EVEN if I did decide to cut my nails and leave the clippings in every drawer for the rest of my life. . . .

Him:    In. Every. Single. Drawer?…..

Me:    Yes. Every one. Even if I did this atrocity…..no body should ever even mention it to me….ever…..I have carte Blanche….


For the record, he still thinks I clip my fingernails and hide the clippings in our dresser drawers and on his side of the bed.

I don’t. Promise.

But maybe if I just allow him to think this. . .and it results in him thinking I’m just a little bit unstable, it give our marriage the even wanten air of intrigue.

Also on my mind. . . . .

I forgot I had a vegetable garden. Look what I found today. In knee high weeds that I forgot to pull.  My poor feeble brain.


Also…..my buddy Jenny gave me 3 huge foxtail ferns…..I was so excited, that in my elation I forgot to water them……



And also….two of my darling daughters are Softball Allstars for our beloved city…..and my brain hurts so bad because I worry for them . . . .

One child because she is so hard on herself….thinking she must be perfect at all things……never allowing herself the freedom to make mistakes. . . .



The other because she is perfectly content both her mediocrity as well as her awesomeness….which changes like the tides.

What’s on your mind today?


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