Hanging family pictures with Monkey Hooks.


Over the past few days I’ve been rather preoccupied with photographs.

I’m slightly/completely worried that my children might grow up in a home in which they don’t realize they are adored to the umpteenth degree.

Because of the fact that I raise my voice A LOT…..and additionally DO NOT do “anything fun EVER” . . . .I fear my children have come to this conclusion and possibly worse ones that I will not delve into at this point.

Therefore, I’m of the opinion that I can fix all my errors and apparent failures with random pictures that I have taken in attempt to prove that the 6 people who live within these walls send and receive love, at least occasionally.

It needn’t make sense, my line of logic, if it means that I feel better about myself.

Because really, that’s all that matters.


I hung four picture frames yesterday.

In like 10 minutes. Crazy, I know.

You might think I have mad skills, which i do, but that’s not what helped me hang these pictures so quickly.


First, I used this method (the easiest way to hang a collection of pictures) for deciding where I wanted to hang the frames….


Then, I purchased these……


From Home Depot (10 for $3.98) , though I’ve seen them pretty much everywhere. …..they’re called Monkey Hooks and they hold up to 35 pounds! Craziness. Super easy to use. Just push it into the wall (no drills or screws needed) twist and hang.



I’m planning on using these to hang everything forever.

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