Capital Citizen from The Hunger Games Make-up Picture Tutorial


Just in case you were wondering.

I was a Capital Citizen for Halloween.  You know, from THE HUNGER GAMES, based off the book by the same name.

I thought it was completely and utterly clever.

NOBODY in family knew who I was.

Still, I liked it so much, I may do it again next year. Only BIGGER and BETTER. White short curly hair wig. Even fancier clothes. Or. . .I could just be a witch.

For now, I’ll just leave you with the quick how-to picture tutorial.

I’m off to clean up our house after a night full of frightful fun.

Hoping to come up with tons of great Thanksgiving sides for us all try this holiday.  My family is coming into town, TO MY HOUSE, and you’ll just have to bear with me while I freak out about it on my blog.

I’ll be trying out lots of pie recipes.

And tantalizing veggie sides. Which. . .I gotta tell you are always my fave.

So Monday. . .

be ready. It’s going to be ALL FOOD ALL THE TIME.




Brush your hair. I have it on good authority that all Capital Citizens brush their hair. This is not the Halloween costume for individuals without a comb or a brush.


Make your hair whack a doo. I just pulled my hair up into a big  bun. . .slicking it all back.

It makes me look like a chicken head, slightly. Which is always good for Halloween.



Next I applied a mixture of white cream make up with light foundation to make my face pasty sickly white-ish. You know, for a black person.  I guess that is how a Black Capital Citizen would look. Don’t judge. I’m winging it here.



I went bananas with the pink eye make up.


White eyeliner below.

Black eyeliner above. In long whispy motions.

Blue Cream Make-up on my eyebrows.

Blue lipstick on my lips. But! only the middle portion. Otherwise it wouldn’t be aptly weird enough.



Fake eyelashes.





And a big ugly purple flower. Right smack in the middle of my head.


Add a crazy tatoo above your eyebrow. Just one. . .wouldn’t want to overdo it.



And then get a crazy surfer dude boyfriend and be on your merry way.



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