Starbucks Hot Apple Cider: My Copy Cat Recipe


You may (or may not) have noticed that I promised to blog for THIRTY ONE DAYS STRAIGHT! In the month of October.

I really, really, REALLY meant to.

But. . .

I’m behind, by like a day and a half.

On the upside, I’m blogging more than I ever have.

On the downside, I never quite do exactly what I intend to do.

Other things I am supposed to be doing that I have yet to actually do:

YOGA, every morning.

Running, every morning.

Studying with the kids, everyday.

READING for leisure to myself, every night.

Reading to the kids, every night.

Reading the Books that Shelbi is assigned in Intermediate School


Practicing Pitching with Bella.

And Oh!

Teaching Phoebe to read.

Sometimes, I think it’ll only happen in my dreams.

Maybe someday my dreams will be my reality.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It is also my dream that Halloween night will be cool and crisp.

That only because my children are running frantically throughout the neighborhood gathering candy, do they not feel the bite of jack frost coming ever closer.

In my fairytale, I will scream and holler and run after them. . . . . . . begging them to wear jackets.

“Please, you’ll catch cold!!” But they will scrunch up their faces and shake their heads “No.”, because it will ruin their costumes.

But alas, I live in Houston.

Go figure.

It’s probably not going to happen for me.

But, this I do know.

When they return from trick or treating, whether cold and chilly, or hot and muggy, I will pull off their wigs and wipe their dewy faces free of all the green and white make-up.

I will kiss them frantically and delight in their twinkling, feverish excitement.

I will smile to myself, walk into my kitchen, and make them something hot, and tangy to drink.

Because that, to me, is the perfect ending to a wonderful evening.

And a dream all its own.


My Starbucks Hot Apple Cider Copy Cat Recipe

I’m pretty sure this is what they do. Starbucks, that is.

Pretty sure. Like there could be some other mumbo- jumbo/voo-doo stuff, but I don’t know how to do that.

You should try my recipe out, and if it’s not as dreamy as you’d like, then make your way into the mumbo-jumbo lane.

And then come back, and report your results.

*this recipe calls for a syrup sold at Starbucks. If you’d rather not purchase it. . .you could try another Hot Cider recipe of mine. . .which also yields smashing results.





10-12 oz. Apple Juice

Cinnamon Dolce Syrup (sold at Starbucks – $12.95 for 33.8 oz; it’ll last you till the end of time)

Real Whipped Cream, sweetened

Caramel Syrup (you know the type you put on ice cream sundaes)



1.Heat your apple juice in the microwave or on stove top to HOT.

2. Add 2 TB of Cinnamon Dolce syrup. Stir to combine.

3. Top with whip cream and a swirl of caramel sauce! Enjoy!






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2 thoughts on “Starbucks Hot Apple Cider: My Copy Cat Recipe

  1. Oooh, I need to get me some of that! It’s very fall like around here this week…and I’m loving it! Hoping it stays crisp for Halloween! Here’s to hoping AL and TX get a little chill in the air…Cheers!

    1. I’m completely jealous! It keeps threatening to me cool here, and then it just turns muggy and hot again. Though. . .for Halloween it’s supposed to be colder and maybe rainy. . .but honestly, I’ll take the cold anyway I can get it . . .as long as it just sprinkles and we can still salvage Halloween:)

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