Softball things. . . . . Wasp things. . . . .and Pear things that I have neglected.

I’m watching Bella walk up to the plate.
From the corner of my eye I can see Soledad and Phoebe playing in the dirt.
Phoebe whips her head back and forth.
Soledad gruffs irritated, “Geez Phoebe. It’s just a wasp.”

Before. So sweet and innocent spittin’ sunflower seeds.
I turn my head, but not quick enough.
The baby falls to her knees, mouth open wide, with a large. silent. cry.
And then. . .i heard it. . .we all heard it. . . the ENTIRE ballpark . . ..a spine tingling, ear deafening cry.
The type that comes from real pain.
From fire.
In your ear.
That can not be extinguished.
I don’t know what happened after that.
A nurse came over to see if she could help.
Somebody brought ice.
Doctors were called, help was offered.
Not sure if Bella got on base, or if the game went on another 20 innings.
All I know is that when the baby (Phoebe-4) retold the story to Daddy (who was not there *sigh* because he was at a Texan Football game) she said that Mommy gave her TWO lollipops and promised they would help her feel better.
And they did.
Exactly 45 minutes after the babe had been stung,
the redness was gone,
and my little sweet girl was back to normal.
Thank God.
For all that is holy.
Thank YOU God.
– – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
That crazy fiasco really kinda broke up my mojo for the day.
The plan was to take pictures.
Lots of pictures. . .
because as of late. . . .I’m addicted to photography.
I got a few pictures in.
Mostly of my kiddo, Bella.
I was hoping to find time to take some that were a little less traditional.
Well. . . maybe next time.. . . .
a wasp won’t set up shop in my kids ear and build a nest.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
One more thing.
Here is a little tease for tomorrow.
I’m making a little something to put all the bees and wasps out of business.
Stay tuned.
PS- I know most wasps DON’T make honey (a few species do!)  . And a bee didn’t sting my kid.  Humor me. Please.
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