3 Years Later. . . .And I have an IPAD!!! and an IPAD case (Griffin Survivor GB35108 Case )

Oh my.
Yesterday was a doozy of a day.
I received a text at 10:59 am from the Apple Store.
“One or more of your items is ready for pick up” it said.
Oh Lord. Oh Lord.
My stomach dropped.
It’s time. I should go pick it up. NOW. I should go.
But I didn’t because I thought this is a huge freaking moment.
I should enjoy it.
My life was going to change in a matter of hours . . so I called Warwick
“It’s in.” I said.
“Oh really?” he said.
“Well. . .you should go get it.”
“Actually,” I stopped him. ” I was thinking you could take your lunch break, and come with me. It’s sort of a big deal for me, you know. I want you to share it with me.”
“Oh. OK. Yeah, I can do that.”

So three hours later, he met me at the mall.
I was crazily, happily, thrilled in a ridiculous emphatic type way.
He was not.
He was tired.
He was grumpy.
He was not excited.
“So, what does it come with?” I ask the sales guy.
“Nicole! You know what it comes with. The charger. The cord. That’s it. Let’s go.”
I shot Warwick a sideways glance, I telepathically warned him I’d kill him if he said ANOTHER WORD, then I turned and smiled to the sales associate.
“Oh, okay. good. And is there anything else I should know?”
“Do you want me to show you how to download your email?” He smiled.
“Oh yes!”
“You already know how to do that Nicole! Come on. I’m leaving. If you download ALL your emails, its going to take forever. I’m going home, you can meet me there later.”
I turned to him (that wicked handsome husband of mine) and shot lazers at his face. The lazers dug out his eyes and then lit his pants on fire.
I turned to the Apple sales guy, and said thank you. Grabbed my Ipad and left the store.
 Thinking that this wonderful moment I wanted to share with my husband was ruined by his sour attitude. Didn’t he know how much this meant to me? Didn’t he know that I just wanted to savor the flavor on my lips for as long as I could?
 Of course I know how to sign in with my Apple Account. Of course, I know how to change the settings. I’m not an idiot! But geez, The Apple Guy didn’t know that. I just wanted to stay in the “I’m buying an IPad moment”.
And Warwick ruined it.
He ruined it. He ruined it.
And you can bet your bottom dollar, I told him as much.
When we got home, I think he felt bad.
He asked if he could help me set it up. He smiled at me a lot. He offered to help anytime I got stumped. He was sorry, even though he didn’t say it.
But that’s okay.
He never has to say sorry.
I forgive him automatically.
I don’t generally say sorry either.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This, my friend, is my problem.
I’m always so ready to blame issues that I am having on everyone else.
SURE, I wanted to share this experience with Warwick,
but his happiness or lack thereof, should not affect me in the least.
When he wanted to go, I should have let him.
I should have taken pictures with the sales guy (like I wanted) and not worried that I would look like a ding a ling.
I should have danced, and asked questions, and sat in the store playing with my new Ipad.
It is good to revel in gratitude.
And that is what I wanted to do.
I won’t make that mistake again.
I will be joyous.
I will be the one who determines my happiness.
Hastily taken, Sad blurry picture. . .that is such a disgrace because I took it under the cover of my purse because I was worried that taking pictures of the experience might portray too much exuberance.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
But then. . . . .
upon that revelation. . .
my sister called. And Facetimed me. .
Only to scream and holler and tell me how excited she was that I got a new Ipad.
She danced the jig in her car.
Sang a “You finally have an Ipad” song.
I giggled, and smiled and wept for her happiness for me.
And then my mom called.
With a million questions.
She asked 1,000,000 questions.
She too was Hoopin’ and Hollerin’.
She was thrilled to pieces.
You deserve it,she said. No one deserves it more
And then. . .
My bestie called. . .
telling me all the best apps to get, and promising to take time off soon to meet me for coffee and play together on our Ipads.
My first Ipad Ever.
It was such a great, marvelous day.
I got my Ipad.
I learned a lesson about happiness and gratitude residing within.
I felt the warmth of all those who love me and share in my happiness.
Warwick took a nap, and wasn’t grumpy anymore .
I think. . .
Today will be a great day too.
And every day after.
– – – – – – — – – – – – –
One more thing!
Very Important.
I bought a Griffin Survivor Case Model  GB35108.
Love it.
Sturdy and built to withstand anything.
Which it needs to be if it takes a ride in my purse.
Though, now I’m wondering if I might need another type of case so that I can use a bluetooth keyboard.
Or maybe a case with one of those giant handles, because the Ipad is a lot heavier than I thought.
I don’t know.
I’m just curious.
What type of case do you have for your Ipad?
What other accessories can you suggest to buy?
What are your favorite apps?
Sorry for asking so many questions.
I’m just a little excited.
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