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Green Goddess Juice (Grapefruit, Apple, Celery) made in a Blender | Nicki Woo - the Home Guru

Green Goddess Juice (Grapefruit, Apple, Celery) made in a Blender

Oh my Lord.
It’s all I could think as my head pounded from the sound of the blaring TV.
I kept my eyes shut, willing my brain to turn off and fall back to sleep.
And then the alarm blasted ON.
My eyes opened and the lights in the bedroom were blazing.
Where is my husband?
Why is Usher singing in my alarm clock?
I sat up.. . ..flailed my arms around until they hit that hideous alarm clock and shut it the mess up.

I got out of bed.
Threw my hair in a pony tail.
Brushed my teeth and walked into the living room where Warwick was passed out on the love seat with the bills, check book, and iPhone resting on his chest.
It was 4:47 am.
I put on my tennis shoes.
High tailed it to the gym.
Worked out for a measly 27 minutes before I realized that I promised to take Shelbi running this morning to prepare for Athletic tryouts at school.
I drove home.
Woke my kid up.
Got on her bike, and coached her in running the mile.
It’s been a good day so far.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I’m not kidding people.
I’m really trying to be better.
I would like to meditate-10 minutes daily, but I haven’t figured out how to get that into my schedule.
It shouldn’t be that difficult, but somehow its got me struggling.
And while I’m trying to fight my own battles, I’ve been noticing the food the kids grab during their downtime with iPhones, iPods, and video games is not as nutritious as I would like it to be.  I’m not against them playing video games to relax. In fact, I understand how hard they work at school and on their basketball and soccer teams. In my opinion, playing video games shouldn’t equate to mindless eating. I want them to remember that the food that we put in our mouths needs to nourish and sustain us. Not just fill us up.
But if I tell them that, they’ll roll their eyes.
So instead, while they are relaxing and enjoying game time, my goal is to always have the ingredients around the house for tasty nutritious snacks. Like. . . . refreshing crisp and filling juices made with fresh fruit and vegetables.
So they can play.
They can mindlessly slurp.
And I can sleep at night knowing. . ..
we are all striving for a healthy lifestyle.
I guess the whole plan is going pretty well, so far.
The eating part of the plan has gone wonderfully crazy with the kids wanting to make all sorts of juice combinations with fruit and veg.(After trying the Green Goddess, they went for Apple, Kale, Banana. . . .so good).
Now. . .
I’m looking for ways to integrate the healthy lifestyle into all aspects of our lives. Starting with the way we view the world and our places in it.
Here are this weeks highlights. . . .
I made Shelbi a crown for school. She was Athena in a class project. Gotta love a woman who rules over wisdom, the arts AND military victories.
We took our kids to the MLK Day Parade.
I took the time to give Bella a new hair style.
I noticed the sun rising.
I let Phoebe hug my leg for two hours straight.
And I ate.
And I drank what I ate.
And it was good.
Baby steps, people. Baby steps.
What did you do this week?
Give me a shout out in the comments, and let me know:)

Green Goddess Juice (Grapefruit, Apple, Celery Juice)
This drink is surprisingly sweet, and not so surprisingly healthy. Packed with Vitamin C and full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, you’ll be doing your body good with every refreshing sip. For those who are not so keen on the tangy tartness of the Grapefruit, try substituting 2 medium oranges.




1. Peel and core the apple. Cut the celery stalks into thirds. Peel the grapefruit.

2.. Place the fruit and vegetables into the blender. Add juice.

3. Blend on high for about 1 minute.

4. Strain.

4. Drink! Makes two servings.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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