Last Minute Gifts! A BOOK FOR THE COOK. . . .My new fave Cookbook List!

Not So Humble Pies ( An Iconic Dessert, All Dressed Up) by Kelly Jaggers

PIE.  It is the beginning and the end for me. An entire book dedicated to pies that are anything but humble, well . . . .please excuse me while I thank my lucky stars.

Sweet, savory, fancy or rustic, the word evokes warmth, and love, with pillows of whipped cream or nuggets of savory jewels that melt into a buttery crust. For many of us, it has always been (and will always be) PIE. Which is why, if you know someone like me, you might grab this book and stuff it in their stocking OR face. Trust me, either would suffice.

Try Bitter Chocolate and Salted Marshmallow Pie, Prosciutto, Date, and Chorizo Hand Pie, Lemon Pistachio Tart, and a Bourbon Pecan Pie, that Oh! My lawd looks like the love child of a creamy chiffon pie and a sexy caramel bourbon drink that couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

This book is serious.
Hard Back.
Color-Pictures and Print.
Go grab two. One for you and one for me.

List Price: $17.95

Tortillas To The Rescue Cookbook: Scrumptious Snacks, Mouth-Watering Meals & Delicious Desserts Made with the Amazing Tortilla by Jessica Harlan

In my house it’s, ‘Moooooom!!!! when you go to the store can you get more Milk. . .Eggs. . . .AND TORTILLAS!”

As American as pizza and fried rice (which aren’t American at-all, but you get my point, we like them a lot. . .so we eat them and call them our own), the tortilla has become a staple in my home. If it hasn’t made a permanent fixture in your fridge, get the book, and it will.

Learn how to make fresh tortillas from scratch OR better yet how to make over 100 recipes from the store bought brand, like Caramelized Banana and Peanut Tostadas, Shrimp and Black Bean Casserole, Fig and Goat Cheese Pinwheels, Chorizo and CoJack Taquitos, and an Avocado and Leek Omelet Wrap.

And. . .if that weren’t enough. . .Harlan gives you a short history lesson on the origin of Tortillas, gives the reader the detes on how to buy and store these heaven sent discs, as well as lots of other helpful, fun, and useful information on warming them (IE. microwave, stove, grill, fryer, etc.).

Who knew you could take that pack of store bought tortillas and turn them into something AMAZING?
I did.
And Harlan did.
And now, you do too.

List Price: $12.99

The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen COOKIE LOVER’S COOKBOOK: Gooey, Chewy, Sweet & Luscious Treats Published by Hearst Books New York

To call this a ‘Cook book’, is doing it a mild disservice, and might make the recipient of this Pink Sapphire of a Cookbook, slightly confused. With it’s 3 ring binder notebook style, and easy to locate tab identifiers (dividing cookies into categories like blondies and bars, easy to shape, health conscious, holiday and fancy, etc.) this book is more of a text book for those who live, love and dream all things cookie.

Novice or Pro, and for everybody in between.
Learn the insider magic and Test Kitchen know-how of using chocolates, cocoa, and how to make the perfect cookies every time.
Utensils and Gadgets.
Lining your Pans.
Measuring and Mixing.
Finding the right temperature.
Storing  and Shipping Cookies.

The Holy Grail of Cookie Making.
With over 250 tried and true recipes.
The cookie lover in your life will love you forever.
AND. . . . . .
bake you lots of cookies.
A total win, win, situation.

List Price: $29.95
Color Photos and Text. Hard Back.
(Includes 20 How-To Video Links & Check out the Health Conscious Cookie Tab in this book. With over 30 healthy cookie options. Sweet.)

The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home: The Happy Luddite’s Guide to Domestic Self-Sufficiency by Ken Albala and Rosanna Nafziger Henderson

It reads . . . .
“A recondite treasury of arcane secrets, wherein are explained mysteries of the kitchen and cupboard, plainly set forth for those who would profit materially and spiritually through self- sufficiency, honest unplugged labor, and diligent application of economic principles derived from our esteemed forebears in matters both esculent and domestic.”

It’s like some grand statement from the Lord of the Rings, in which we (You and I – the readers of this enchanted book) have been entrusted with the knowledge to save the world and with it the sanctity of the human race.

I’m not sure if that’s what they meant by ‘diligent application of economic principles’ but I totally feel the power of the ring at my side.
I’m ready.
To wield my domestic sword and start weaving a rug, brewing some birch beer and building a proper dehydrator.

Crazy it seems, until you read this book, and suddenly you’re thinking, “I CAN DO THAT.”
And wouldn’t it be wonderful?
So eloquently written.
A joy to read, even if you never wield your sword of domesticity.

This book makes you smarter just by holding it. So there you go. It’s good for the non-reader too.

List Price: $23.00
Hard Back. Illustrated. Black and White.

Handwritten Recipes: A Bookseller’s Collection of Curious and Wonderful Recipes Forgotten Between the Pages by Michael Popek

If the title alone doesn’t tell you that this book is a special and wonderful thing, then opening up surely will.

With color photos of hand-written recipes, and photos plucked right out of time, this book promises to share something more intimate, more associative than just the correlation between food and mouth. It bears in mind the link between history, food, culture, and life.

And it might give you a good chuckle too.

With recipes that would make any foodie smile with culinary interest. Like Maple Syrup Doughnuts, French Kraut, Lemon Rice, Saccharine Pickles, Lamb Loaf, Red Pepper Quiche, Noodle Pudding, Prune Meringue Pie and Chocolate Porcupine.

Popek notes that he “makes no claims about the taste, ease of preparation, or completeness of these recipes. They were chosen because they looked interesting. . . . “ which in my opinion is 90% of the fun.

Any foodie will love the array of beautiful handwriting captured in photos along with the temptation to try some of the more ‘interesting’ additions. At the very least, it will make them feel better about their latest inspiration of Chocolate Bell Pepper Ice Cream. 

List Price: $20.00
Hard Back. Color Photos and Text.


I get it. 
Not a lot of people make fancy food any other time of the year.
So if your going to make a book about really pretty food, that you bake yourself and could give away as a gift, because it’s so gosh darn pretty, it might be a good idea to add the word Christmas, so that the people who don’t cook fancy all the time can locate it.

But let me tell you something.
You could make these recipes, year round.
In fact, you’ll WANT to make these recipes year round.
So pretty.
Clean, vibrant flavors.
Sophisticated photos and timeless treats.

Try jeweled Macaroons, Choc-Orange Truffles with Drunken Prunes and Ginger, Lemon and Raspberry Semifreddo, A frozen Christmas Pudding, or a Panettone with Mascarpone and Raspberries.

All wrapped up in a small little handbook (about the size of a paper-back) but bound in a sturdy, glossy spiral. This book is both beautiful and useful. With prep and cooking times lined out, the baker can accurately schedule the time in the kitchen down to the minute. And as a bonus, at the back of the book, there is chapter all on decorating for Christmas.
Gift Wrapping suggestions.
Stocking decor.
Jingle bells, snowflakes, and all things merry.

In my opinion the book is part Pinterest, Part Southern Living with a Euro Flair, Part Yum.
In my most humble opinion.
Eat up.

List Price: $12.95
Spiral Bound. Hard Back. Color Photos and Text.

Have fun shopping. At the last minute. I promise I won’t tell:)

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