German Chocolate Cake Trifle and Christmas Memories

Christmas at my house. . . .

I’m taking a picture of my kid taking a picture of food. I’m so proud.

I should be ashamed of myself.
I yelled A LOT on Christmas Eve.

I’m not even sure why I was so grumpy.
Nana baked the cookies with the girls.
The neighbor took the kids carolling.

But I had been on my feet for like 3 days.
And I was getting bitter.
And I tend to get the grumpy bug anytime I feel overworked.
Cry me a river.
It is, what it is.

When we were getting ready to go to midnight mass I took one look at my sweet bleary eyed Bella, and asked her what in the world was she thinking going to church with her hair looking like that.

This is her. And her hair. On Christmas Eve. I know. I know. I’m horrible. Her hair actually looks quite nice. Thank goodness everyone around here ignores me.

“Like what?” she yawned.
“Like a rat’s nest.” I spat.
“But Nana brushed it.” she shrugged her shoulders.

Then Nana walked in.

“You brushed Bella’s hair?” I questioned her, lowering my brow and squinting my eyes.
“Yes. I thought it looked fine.”

“Uuuuuh. Forget it. I’ll do it. Come here Bella, let me see if I can do something with this mess.” I brushed, I pulled, I tugged, I combed. I looked at Nana disgusted. I looked at Bella disgusted.

Warwick yelled, “Hurry up! Church starts in 30 minutes, we are going to be late!!!”

I growled.
I was rude. They should have kicked me out of their lives forever.
45 minutes later, in church, I apologized to my mom.
She smiled and said, I love you.
Like she didn’t even care that I was a horrible, horrible, person.
So then. . .
I said it right back.
I love you too.
And a flash of light shone from above, and . . .
It was Christmas.
And I didn’t care about the shopping or the cooking anymore.
It was just Christmas.
What I wait the whole year for.
And it was great.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And then, I baked a German chocolate cake and it fell in the oven and looked like a piece of crap.
I didn’t even hyperventilate.

True Story.

I did get a little worried when Warwick’s mom called and said all she wanted was a piece of German Chocolate cake for Christmas.


So this is what I did, and it was great, and it was lovely.
Divine even.

German Chocolate Cake Trifle.

What you Need:

One German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake Icing
2 1/2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream, whipped
Large Glass Serving Bowl

What To Do:

Scoop your dilapidated (or non-dilapidated) cake  into small bite size chunks. Fill the lower 1/4 of the glass bowl with 1/2 of the cake. Spread Coconut Pecan Icing on top. Dollop with half of the whipped cream. Cover whipped cream with the remaining bite size cake pieces, icing, and then whipped cream. Serve. Refrigerate any unused portions.

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