Honeycrisp Apples Taste Like Yum. And roadkill tastes like ick.

Early morning.
The clouds are low.
The sky is a hazy steel gray.

7:34 am.
I’m driving Shelbi to school.
She’s 12 now.
She proudly sits in the passenger seat of the car, head tilted back on the head rest, staring out into the the fields as we drive by them.

Shelbi: I think there is some road kill out here.

Me: Oh yeah.

Shelbi: Yup. Down this street. Wonder if we can find it. Armadillo, I think.

And so we continue on down the street. Both peering out the window to see if we see something splattered along side.

Shelbi: Oooh. There’s something up there. But it’s furry. . . .

Me: Ick. I think that’s a possum.

Shelbi: A possum? oh.

Me: Keep looking.  Oh! What’s that? It’s so big. . . .

Shelbi: And flat. And long. I think maybe it was a snake.

Me:  I think you’re right. When snakes cross the road and drivers see them, they usually run them over with their car. . . . . . .

Shelbi: Really? Why?

Me: To kill them. . .of course. Though I never would. . .

Shelbi: Why?

Me: Because I would be afraid that when my tire hit the snake, the snake would ricochet and fly under the hood of my car and nest in the warm cozy engine. Then, I’m sure the snake would like it so much that it would stay there getting stronger and stronger as the gamma rays from the anti-freeze boosted its immune system. AND THEN when I got home and parked,  and stepped out of the car, the snake would JUMP OUT and wrap it’s fat nasty body around my neck, lick my eyeballs and then bite me to death.

She looked at me like I was crazy, and then started to giggle.
And then I started to laugh.
We laughed and smiled for the remainder of the car ride, until she stepped out of the car and walked into school.

I wonder if she knows that I can sometimes be funny because I’m a very silly person.
I wonder if she knows that I’m deathly afraid of snakes and wasn’t kidding about the gamma rays.
I wonder if she knows that if I was in the 6th grade I’d want to be her friend.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It’s simple.
But sometimes I forget to laugh with my children.
I forget to be myself and answer questions as ME, instead of as MOM.

Something happened in that moment, as I was driving down the street. She was she. And I was me.
And it was fun..
I hope that I get to show her that side of me again.. . . .soon.

Wonderful things happen when you think simply.
Go back to the basics.
So this is my simple yummy treat for the day.

This little jewel of a fruit.
A Honeycrisp Apple.
Honey sweet.
But Light tasting.
With a bit of tang.
Tight skin, offering a huge crunch.
Only in season now.
My choice of snack.

They are a little more expensive than your Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious or standard apple.
But definitely worth the money.
I’ve seen them at Target and Kroger in bags this week for $5.99 for 3 pounds. I’ve also seen them at Sam’s Wholesale and HEB.

Live Simply.
Eat an apple.
And laugh.
A lot.

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