Texas Wild. . . .Flowers!!!

Things that made me smile this week. . . . .

and. . . .my own special breed of wild flowers 🙂

The past few weeks have been a bit frazzled. Lots and lots of softball. Volleyball. Getting ready for Bella’s First Communion. Easter. School. Work. Field Trips. Potty Training. Dog urination. More dog urination.

Also, the weather is turning so beautiful. Sunny days with highs in the mid 80s.  Torrential downpours and gray cloudiness and soggy, soggy grass.  Honestly, its my favorite time of the year. Well, if you don’t count Summer, Fall, and Winter 🙂

Even though my allergies are KILLING me, its no matter because I get to see the beauty of spring all around. Texas is great place to be all the time, but especially in the spring.  So no complaints from me. At least not today.

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