Easter 2012

Can somebody please tell me why my eldest refuses to smile? I mean really smile . . . . like she is the happiest person in the world because the Easter Bunny just hopped on by and brought her goo gobs of stuff.
Well stuff like cool erasers and pens.
And stuff like awesome candy that Mom and Dad would never buy.
And stuff like fun games to play when she’s bored.

Not stuff like her friend Rache got.
Not stuff like Vera Bradley backpacks.
No stuff like Tom’s over priced ugly shoes that she would have loved.

Just ordinary stuff.
Like normal people get on Easter.

Instead, I get this pathetic excuse for a smile.
She looks like she’s having stomach pains.
Mild nausea.
Maybe shin splints.

Bella, Soledad and Phoebe couldn’t be more pleased.
The loved their abundance of nonsense and candy that they received.

Shelbi did crack a smile.
At her grandparents when the Easter Egg hunt was in full effect.
Running and frantically searching for the GOLDEN EGG.

Phoebe’s approach to the hunt was much less frantic. More in the spirit of “take your time” and see how it goes. 

Look. My Bella will smile for me, if she knows I’m looking.
And Soledad, that crazy nut, will even strike a pose.
But not Shelbi.
NO! NO! NO! Her eyes scream.
I hate this.
I hate pictures.
Why are you ruining my life?
But yet, we still take pictures of her. Because . . . . .to be quite frank. . . . .
And we need proof that we didn’t ruin her life.
And so . . .my love. Light of my life.
I will forever take your picture, even if you are way grumpy about it. Even if you glare at me and wish my camera would blow up in flames.
No my sweets.
I will march on.
Because one day, you will want to look back on your childhood and see how much fun you had when you didn’t even know it.

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6 thoughts on “Easter 2012

  1. I love her shoes…I would have been happy just to be wearing those…super cute!  But, you keep on snapping those pics…those facial expressions are priceless and I’d hate for you to miss one of those 😉

  2. Your family is so beautiful!  And Soledad is a piece of work with all that posing!!!!  Shelbi is probably getting to the point where she may be too cool for you… I hate to tell you that, but unfortunately that sort of thing is inevitable!!! 🙂

    1. Yes.  I figured that was coming. No worries though, I’ve never been that cool. I’m okay with embarassing her. My feelings won’t be hurt:)

  3. Your kids crack me up. I want to let them come live with me. ok? Do they know how to scrub bathrooms? 

    1. NO. They do not know how to scrub bathrooms, or kitchens, any type of floors, or themselves for that matter. And if they do, and they show up at your house and start scrubbing, please tell them that they are in a whole mess of trouble.

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