How To Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh. . . . .with products you already have at home.

Me:  I need to go to the doctor in the morning.  Do you want to come with me?

Mom:  Sure. Why do you have to go to the doctor?

Me: Oh nothing serious.  I need to see the dermatologist for a follow up visit. My face just gets really rosy, with these fine little bumps. Kinda like a heat rash on my cheeks.

Mom: *silence.* Oh.

Me:  Don’t worry. It’s called Acne Rosacia and she’s just going to look and see what progress we’ve made. Probably just change my prescription up a bit.  It’s hardly even noticeable.

Mom:  Oh really. Well I’ve been wondering why your cheeks are so pink all the time. And now that you mention it, you do have quite a lot of bumps on your face.

Me:  Thanks for noticing.
       Are you coming or not?

– – – – – – – – –

I guess I should be thankful.
She cares,  right? She notices EVERYTHING.

Look. Here she is. . . . . .
noticing everything.

I told you.

If a person is going to care that you got a 20 pack of toilet paper on sale at the grocery, that person is only going to be your mom, and she’s going to notice bumps on your face.

She’s going to tell you about it.

Another thing she kept telling me about this week was that my dog stinks.
Not my house. Thank God.  I would have passed out.
But poor sweet Lucky, got a few turned up noises from sweet Nana.

She said that her crazy, rambunctious grand-dog smelled unbearably horrible. Due to his rancid smell and overall dog mustiness.

“Oh come on, Mommy.  He doesn’t smell bad.  Well. . . .sometimes when he’s been outside for more than 5 minutes, but that smell goes away quick.”
“No, Nicole. It does not. Have you sprayed him with that dog fragrance spray?” 

“Yes!” I replied.

“Have you given him a bath lately?”

“Of course I gave him a bath. Like TWO DAYS AGO!”  I yelled.

“Maybe if you give him a hair cut just to even his coat out, he’ll at least look better, and then maybe the doggy smell wont be quite so unbearable.”

“What hair? There is nothing to cut!!!! Well. . .not much anyway.” I countered frustrated.

But in my mind, I knew.  If she says he stinks. He stinks. No need to get my panties all in a ruffle.

So this is what we did.
And she loved him more.
She petted him more.
Wasn’t quite so disgusted with him.
And I even thought I saw him sitting on her lap once or twice.

How To Make Your Dog Smell Fresh, Fresh, Fresh (with stuff you already have laying around the house)

What You Need:

Remedy #1
Spray Bottle
Apple Cider Vinegar

Remedy #2
Baking Soda

What To Do:

For Remedy #1

1. Fill a water bottle, 1/2 with apple cider vinegar, and the other 1/2 with water. Spray on dog. Be careful not to get it in his eyes.
(For about 3 minutes your dog might smell like pickles. But the smell dissipates in a few minutes and he’ll just smile like a fresher version of his former self 🙂

For Remedy #2 (Do this outside if you don’t want your floor having coat of baking soda. However, if you do it over your carpet, you can just vacuum it up and it will freshen your carpet as well.)

1. Dust your dog with baking soda, rub in. Allow the dog to shake off. Brush the dogs coat to remove any excess baking soda.

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