Barley Risotto & A Giveaway: The New Sonoma CookBook by Connie Guttersen RD, PhD


The winner is . . . .

Ashley Murray-
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Why does anybody love another?


Maybe. I’m sure all those things played a part in my attraction to my husband. But what really reeled me. . . .

He always dresses up on Halloween.
When I found that out, I was a goner.

On Sunday, October 9th, Warwick and I commemorated our 12th wedding anniversary.
We had wine (coolers), some fancy food (Chinese Take-out), watched a movie (Red Box) and layed in the lap of luxury (New Sheets and Pillows from Ross).

It may have been my favorite anniversary yet.

Usually we spend a lot of money and stay in a fancy hotel, and eat fancy food, and do things that normally would be considered a splurge. But this year we had a lot of other things going on and couldn’t get a sitter, so we layed low, put the kids to bed early, cleaned our bedroom, pulled out the candles and had a date.

It was marvelous.
So marvelous that I asked him to do it again on the 10th. And he did.
And on the 11th, I asked again, but I fell asleep on the couch before I could migrate my toosh to the bedroom.

Anyway, I’m saying all this to say that life is good. Marvelous. Great. Just as it is.
In this very moment.
And not just for me. For you too. Your life is beautiful. Filled with grandeur and splendor.

We don’t need to get away. We just need to remember to be present and to see all the joy that surrounds us daily.

You probably already knew that. I should have known that. But sometimes I forget.

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In order to reinforce this attitude, and to further celebrate the beauty that lies in the EVERYDAY, the marvels that come with EVERY SEASON, the flavors that explode in all our lifestyles, I’m GIVING AWAY . . . . . . . . . .

THE NEW SONOMA COOKBOOK!!!! Simple Recipes for a Healthy More Delicious Way to Live

Hard Copy. Beautiful, Full-Color Book with over 300 decadent, healthy, vibrant recipes. Written by internationally renowned dietitian, Connie Guttersen, all inspired by the healthy Mediterranean way of eating.

I’d like you to know that I’m hooked on the Barley Risotto (see below for recipe). It’s crazy creamy, decadent, and ridiculously easy and inexpensive to make. Today I’m making Kale Chips, tomorrow mini pumpkin swirl cheesecakes, and the next day Turkey and Soba Noodle Stir-Fry.

What I like about the book is that Guttersen reinforces the array of vegetables in any given season. She gives you a recipe, and then tells you what recipes might work well with it for spring vs. summer vs. fall/winter. She also tags many of her recipes as Express (quick cooks) or Cook 1X – Eat 2X which is great for the time challenged. . .. .or ummm. . . .me.

I finished the book before I realized that it’s the first American-published cookbook to fulfill the provisions established by the Glycemic Index Foundation for low glycemic meals. It never even occurred to me that the book was focussing on the quality of carbs in the foods and helping the reader keep their energy up, and hunger down.

All that being said. You know you want this book.
And I know, I want you to have it. . . . . so do what I say below, and continue living your life deliciously.


Just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

“What is fabulous in your life right NOW? ”


One entry per person, please. Unless you have mutiple personalities, then send a doctors note and have each personality leave a seperate comment.

The New Sonoma CookBook GIVEAWAY will end Ocotber 18, 2011 at midnight CST. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Entrants limited to US and Canada. They will be chosen randomly using

Good Luck!
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Oh! And the recipe for Barley Risotto. . . .As promised. (FYI- I made this recipe using frozen veg. 1 cup frozen corn cut off the cob, 1/2 cup carrots (b/c I love those sweet nuggets) and 1 cup frozen leafy spinach added in the last 15 minutes of cooking).

Reprinted with permission from The New Sonoma Cookbook © 2011by Connie Guttersen, Rd, PhD, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Photography by Annabelle Breakey.

Barley Risotto
In this hearty recipe, made according to the traditional Italian risotto technique, pearl barley replaces arborio rice. Pearl barley is a nutrient-rich whole grain that gives this recipe a creamy texture and a wonderful, wholesome flavor.
Start to Finish: 1 hour Yield: 4 servings
1 cup onion, chopped
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon garlic, minced
¾ cups pearl barley
½ cup white wine (optional)
5 cups hot vegetable stock or chicken stock
1 bay leaf
1–2 cups cooked vegetables (see Variations on the next page)
2 cups greens, cut in ½-inch pieces (see Variations on the next page)
¼ cup parmesan cheese, grated (optional)
1 teaspoon lemon zest
Salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste
1. In a large skillet, sauté the onions in the olive oil until golden. Add garlic and cook until aromatic. Add barley and stir to coat. Add wine and reduce until dry.
2. Add about 1 cup of hot stock and the bay leaf to the barley, just enough to come to the top of the grain. Cook over medium heat until liquid is absorbed, stirring occasionally. (This should take about 5 minutes. If the liquid absorbs too quickly, reduce the heat.) Repeat with 4 more cups of hot stock, adding 1 cup at a time and cooking until all the liquid is absorbed before adding more, stirring occasionally. (This should take about 35 minutes).
3. Stir in the vegetables; cook until the barley is slightly creamy and just tender. (This should take about 15 minutes. Increase heat slightly if the mixture is too wet.) Just before serving, remove the bay leaf; stir in the greens and allow to wilt. Stir in cheese and zest. Adjust seasoning with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.
Nutrition Facts per Serving: 315 calories, 14 g protein, 7 g total fat (2 g saturated fat), 46 g carbohydrate, 8.5 g fiber, 5 mg cholesterol, 185 mg sodium, 19 weighted glycemic index

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The winner is . . . .

Ashley Murray-
Please contact me at [email protected] in the next 48 hours to claim your prize!

I’m getting married in 24 days to my best friend in the whole world. What could be more fabulous than that? 🙂

I’m getting married in 24 days to my best friend in the whole world. What could be more fabulous than that? 🙂
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