While We Were Out. . . . . .

I lied.
I told a fib.
I spoke with a forked tongue.

Liar, liar.  My pants are on fire.

Now my sister wants to eat my curds and whey.
All because I didn’t send her the spring break pictures that I took 1 1/2 months ago.

Sorry Sissy.
But you knew all along how I am.
I really can’t be trusted.

Okay, here’s the not so overly anticipated Spring Break Round up.

We went to a lovely wedding in Arkansas.

Saw some lovely cousins.

Went to see the Hot Springs, where the water is surprisingly HOT and oddly.  . . . .springing out of the ground.

and toured the old timey bathhouses where my gran-dad used to work.

Did a scavenger hunt or something, and became junior Forest Rangers??? Or something like that.

Climbed lookout point, where Soledad got in trouble for trying to jump off the mountain.

Saw the hotel where grandfather worked as a masseuse.

Drove by grandmothers old house.

Gave the baby berries so she’d stop crying in the car.

Went back to Dallas to drop off Nana and picked up cousins Chase and Cole to bring back to Houston.

Went to the zoo and ran and looked and smelled all sorts of things until our legs were tired and our bellies hungry.

Went to the beach and swam until I said to stop swimming for the 10th time.

Yuk. Jellyfish.

Big headed me.

And then took a bath with our cousins on the very last day, to prove that I didn’t allow them to run around stinky, the whole time they were with me.

. . . . . . . . . .just in case you care, here’s a round up of stuff that I should have uploaded to Facebook that has also happened in the last month, but I was to lazy to type it down.

When your dear children left my house, though we missed them dearly, we carried on with our lives.  To try and get us through the misery that pervaded our every being. . . . . .

Shelbi won a race.  First Place.  Go!!!!!!!!!! Bossy, super smart and cute Shelbi. Way to move those legs.

Bella, sore loser that she is, also won a race.  First place. GOOOOOO!!!!!! Bella. Way to show Shelbi you’re just as Spectacular as she is.

Shelbi received honorable mention in a Art contest.

And Soledad was sad about something.

And then she was happy about something.

Bella played ALOT of softball and basketball. She won some. And lost some.


Shelbi did the same. But seems to only remember the ones she lost.

And then we celebrated Easter.  And only a few of us were sad at various points during the day.

And now I’m done. Thanks for reading.  I’m sure you’re done too.

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11 thoughts on “While We Were Out. . . . . .

  1. I love you!!!

    Thanks for finally… LOL… sharing the pics!

    Hope to see ya’ll real soon!

  2. How in the world your kids can keep getting cuter and cuter is a mystery to me! An even bigger mystery? How you can get them to all look at the camera and smile at the SAME TIME!!! Tutorial please! Regarding AK: I was there once! I went to the Lost Luggage store (it’s called something else…) where all the unclaimed luggage is. Er, I think that was AK. Maybe it was Alabama. Dang. I get my A states screwed up. Anyway, it looks like a fun vay-cay!

  3. Just Googled. It IS in Alabama. Dangit. Embarrassing! I could have sworn I’d been to Arkansas! Anyway. I’m slinking off now to brush up on my geography.

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