The Royal Wedding – Live Blog

My Royal Wedding

I’m biting off  Mom-A-Million.
This is my first ever 4 am live blog. Maybe only live blog ever.

4:13 – oooh. ooooh. ooh. William and Harry arriving in the car.

4:18 – I feel under dressed.  I should have purchased new PJs or something. A new hat may have been too much. Wills and Harry look very handsome and charming.

4:19 – Wills just grabbed his neck. Nervous eh?

4:22 – Do I watch on NBC or BBC????????? I don’t know what to do. I’m cracking already. I’m sleepy. And I’m drinking a groddy juice cleanse. On the bright side, my breakfast is probably better than Kate’s. Wonder how long it took Wills to get dressed.

4:24 – Mr. Woo is awake. Is he going to watch too? No. He says he’s going to work. He’s yell whispering to me. He’s such a boss. He says watch NBC or E! cause they have a fancy Royal Wedding clock. He’s got a point.

4:32  Mr. Woo says he just saw Martin Bashir on NBC news desk?  He doesn’t like him.  He says he ambushed Michael Jackson at his own home (Michaels) in that interview he did years ago.  Now Mr. Woo’s day is ruined.  On an unrelated note, he’s bossing me about not keeping my purse in the same place all the time. It’s too early for this.

4:39 – Kate’s Mum has arrived. Her dress is a little dull if you ask me. Classy true.  But, slightly dull. Victoria Beckham looks skinny as usual. And Mr. Woo would like to know if I want to watch Black Swan tonight on On Demand. Huh?

4:45 – Mr. Woo is saying impolite and rude things about the guests. Isn’t he supposed to be going to work? Here comes the Queen, in canary yellow. Interesting choice. Oh, and Camilla.  I’m still confused how she showed up on the scene.

4:50 –
Me: Are you waiting around to see her dress?
Mr. Woo: Huh?
Me: Do you want to see Kate’s dress? Is that while your still here?
Mr. Woo: No. I’m trying to pay the bills.

He’s such an adult. Pooh on him. But I see him looking. I think he really wants to see the dress.

4:54 – Kate’s hair is down. Hair is beautiful. She looks really happy and gorgeous. I’m so happy for her.

4:56 – Love that the car is see thru. Really cool. Pipa looks lovely too.

5:01 – Gosh, Kate is skinny.  Mr. Woo says she must smoke cigarettes. Yeah. Doubt that.

5:04 – Kate favors her dad. Funny how that happens after the mum carries the child in her womb for 9 months.

5:05 – Mr Woo Commentary (speaking of Wills) “That fool went to the back and tried to fluff his hair.”

5:10 – Mr. Woo: I’ve noticed that Harry has bad posture. He hunches over and his toes are pointed out. Yeah. I didn’t really notice that.

5:20 – Gosh they’re so stoic. No giggles anywhere.

5:28 – Mr. Woo just left. Now I’m bored. Maybe I’ll change Fonts and Colors. Nope still bored.

5:32 – Oh. remembering the time when Mr. Woo was here. “What if Pastor Anderson was the royal preacher?” he said. Hunching over and squishing up his face he says “Well, Wills, marriage is like a biscuit sopping up gravy.”  It was funny at the time. You had to be here.

5:41 – My eyes are drooping. I’m fading fast.

6:13 – And they’re off to Buckingham Palace. And I’m off to make breakfast. Good night darlings. I mean good morning. This is going to be a long day. I’m yawning already.

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