50 Reasons Why I Love My Husband ~ The Pussycat Dolls – "Stickwitu"

1. Because you almost always sing in the shower.
2. And it’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS off key.
3. Because you don’t want to go to a “crowded over priced restaurant” on Valentine’s Day, but will if only I ask.
4. You talk to me even when my eyes are closing and clearly I’m not listening.
5. And that doesn’t even bother you, and you don’t get mad.
6. You love our children just as much as I do.
7. You call me from work just to tell me a whole bunch of nothing.
8. You don’t walk on the carpet with your shoes, most days.
9. You wrap presents perfectly.
10. Although it takes you approximately 1 hour per present.
11. You wash clothes.
12. You kiss me when I’m mad, sad, or otherwise disposed.
13. You snore.
14. When I kick you when you snore, you don’t kick me back.
15. When I kick you when you snore, YOU say “sorry”. When it was really rather rude of me to kick you anyway.
16. When I kick you when you snore, you usually stop.
17. Your such a great daddy, that all 20 of our kids said “Daddy” before “Mama”.
18. You fix my plate for dinner.
19. You’ll buy be pads but not tampons because you have to draw the line somewhere.

20. You put the toilet seat down.
21. You buy me pizza with pineapple and ham even though I have a sneaky suspicion you think its weird.
22. You have a formula or calculation for everything.
23.  You’re a nerd.
24. You’re a really cute nerd.
25. You’re really strong.
26. But your heart is your strongest muscle.
27. Your butt is the second strongest muscle. And its really cute and round in those football legging things.
28. You always want to buy whatever it is some strange little kid is selling.
29.  You remember every moment of your childhood.
30. You’ve told me every moment of your childhood.
31. In such a way that I think I was with you for every moment of your childhood.
32. You’ll buy me a milkshake at anytime of the night, no questions asked.
33. You appreciate the house slipper.
34. You appreciate that the house slipper must never be worn outside.
35. You go get the baby in the middle of the night when she’s sleeping.
36. You work at work.
37. You work at home.
38. You love football but not as much as you love me.
39. You try to teach me football.
40. You don’t get mad when all I want to watch are the touchy feely stories about football, and not the actual game.
41. You tell me the truth about my cooking.
42. You sleep on the very edge of the bed, yet you  never fall off.
43. You fit around me like a puzzle piece.
44. If I say I’m hungry, you go into the kitchen to scrounge me up something to eat.
45. You asked me if today was MILF Appreciation Day.
46. You asked me that because I think you were trying to say I looked nice.
46. Because before you, I think I would have been highly offended if somebody called me a MILF. Which honestly I still am, but since your the one who made me a mother, I think I’ll let it slide.
47. Because there is never a moment in any day that I wouldn’t rather be with you than without you.
48, Because you are in all the very best moments of my life.
49. Because you are my sun, my moon, and my stars
50. Because you are the most kind, loving, generous, smart, wonderful person in the WHOLE entire universe, and I’m honored to be the ying to your yang.

I love you Warwick.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

So on this day, I’d like to go back to the old school and dedicate a song to my love.  It’s one of the songs that we chose to dance to at our reception.  There was another one, that was really pretty, sung by a man that sounded like a woman, or was it a woman that sounded like a man. I can’t remember which, and consequently I cant remember the song either.

I thought about going with the Pussy Cat Dolls singing Stickwitu, but I didn’t want him to get any ideas.  It’s Valentine’s Day, but lets not get crazy.

Oh what the heck. Nix the reception song. I’ll live life on the edge.

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