Pacific Merchants Trading Company ~ Price and Kensington Teapots & Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

I’ve decided I’ve got this whole grown up thing wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I worry too much.  I clean too much.  I yell too much.

I was watching my little girls play “Tea Party” the other day, and it was like all of life’s questions were answered in a simple game of make believe.

They pulled out their finest Alice and Wonderland Teaware, the most delicate crackers and cookies, and a bit of sugar and milk.

They invited all their baby dolls downstairs, and then delicately ate their delectable morsels as they chatted and giggled for hours. 

Not a worry in their hearts.

Neither a contemptuous plea to clean up a crumb that had danced it’s way to the floor.

No loud howling, or growling, or crazy fits of delirium.  Just bountiful giggles, and laughter that came and went like the tide bubbling against the shore.

It was happiness in its simplest state. The kind that draws on all the good energy that ever was and just replicates, regenerates, compounds, compiles, and grows and grows until you are so filled up you want to burst, and then when you do . . . . . .you’re in heaven even if you don’t know it.

I want that.


So, I got to thinking.

Sometimes, things can do that for you. That is what that tea set did for them.  Maybe it wasn’t the tea set per se, but it was what it reminded them of. The beauty of life.

That’s why we buy things for ourselves and for others.

Because we want a piece of happiness, that comes from sharing something beautiful.

So,  I pulled this out.

and this. . . .

and this . . .

which turned into this. . . .

And shared it with my family.

And we sat, and talked, and listened. And guess what.  It reminded us of happiness. And beauty. And life. And love. And we realized that we are all of these things of which we seek.

Now, that’s some tea pot.

The things our children teach us.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  — – –

Now, I’m no Martha Stewart or Julia Child, or even the Queen of England.  *All heads nod*

But . . . . . . the word is. . . .they regularly use this brand of kitchenware.  The Queen of England (from the mother ship) even uses Mason Cash for Christmas Pudding Gifts. Shocked?

You shouldn’t be. These jewels are beautifully crafted, functional, and definitely something that has a timeless quality. The perfect gift to bring beauty into your home.

Some of my favorite pieces. . . . .

Can you say “GIGANTIC”.  This bowl is huge, and lovely, and glossy, and totally wonderful. Perfect for whipping up cakes, tossing large salads, or kneading dough. The perfect shape to hold in one arm, while using the other to mix. A cook’s delight.

I’ve decided it’s too beautiful to put away in a cabinet. So I’m leaving it out on the counter (between uses) and filling it with fruit and veg, so that it can fill my house and the tummies in it with nourishment in body and soul.

Price: $79.95
Cost to me: Free

The pudding bowl is just as lovely, practical,  but not as ornate. It’s just calling to have a proper Queen’s Pudding made, which I will do one day, when I get the nerve up. The rim around the top makes it ideal for holding muslin or film that a baker would use to cover a pudding mixture, making it great for steaming anything.

In the mean time, it’s perfect for serving smaller sides, mixing, baking, or whatever you might find the need for.
All Mason Cash stoneware bakeware is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Cost varies on size: $6.95 – $21.95
Cost to me: Free

This solid color teapot comes in every color imaginable. From the boldest of orange to the coolness of Cobalt Blue. Perfect for tea with a friend or on your own.

The mugs come in coordinating colors along with matching tea caddy’s to catch your tea bag. The shape of the pot is purposefully sculpted so that the tea leaves swirl around the pot when hot water is added. Leaving the a deep flavorful pot of tea.

Teapots – $16.95
Mugs – $4.95
Caddy – $2.95
5 piece set – $25.00
9 piece set – $40.00
Cost to Me: Free

All of the items are microwave and dishwasher safe making them beautiful and practical.

And with your tea, you should try this. . . .

Cranberry Orange Scones.  Just add milk and butter and you have homemade mouth watering, light, flaky, rich scones. . . . . in minutes.

Give them a try. I think they’ll help you remember how lovely life is.

Cost: $7.95
Cost to Me: Free

For more information on Pacific Merchants Trading Company, Mason Cash, and Price Kensington check out Pacific Merchants website at

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